Should performance-enhancing drugs be illegal in all sports?

  • The effects of performance enhancing drugs bring more consequence than benefits.

    First of all, health issues are concerned. When players take PEDs, the probability of them developing high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. is relatively high. The effect is insidious to their health in the long run.
    Secondly, performance enhancing drugs undermine the fairness of the sports game. Taking PEDs may as well boost their possibility of winning the game, which is unfair to the other players.

  • They Need to Be Illegal

    Having these drugs in sports will not benefit it at all. It would cause far too many issues and bad thing may occur. These drugs are very dangerous and should not under any circumstances be legal for use in professional sports. They contain way too many cancer causing substances and would make the game very unfair.

  • Use of performance-enhancing drugs is not fair.

    Performance-enhancing drugs should be banned from all sports. Not only do these drugs give some athletes an unfair advantage, but the drugs also pose a danger to the health of the user. If they were legal in sports, others would need to take the drugs in order to keep up. It would also encourage fans of the sport to use performance-enhancing drugs.

  • Performance-enhancing drugs give athletes an unfair advantage.

    Athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs are not only cheating their competitors but also cheating themselves. Athletics is about competition between two equally gifted athletes. It is not fair when one athlete is looking to gain an advantage over the other by using banned substances. The harm that the drugs cause to the body are enough to make them illegal in all sports.

  • Athletes using performance enhancing drugs encourages young people to use them.

    If we condone athletes to use performance enhancing drugs, then their example will encourage young people to use them in sports as well. Performance enhancing drugs have many negative side effects on the body, making repair mechanisms unstable, altering hormone levels and possibly reducing life spans; we cannot afford to have young people think it is okay to use these.

  • Put on a good show

    Performance-enhancing drugs should not be banned in all sports. Such a ban would require government legislation, and not all sports should be treated so equally. Some sports probably would benefit with bans, but the individual sports should be left to govern themselves. In some sports or sportslike events, having big bulky athletes helps them generate revenue and create jobs

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