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  • Legal by the government, but NOT by the league

    The government should allow it. Your body your choice. BUT sports leagues do NOT have to allow it even if the government allows it, and they shouldn't unless we are talking about performance-enhancing drugs which have few and tolerable side effects. Performance-enhancing drugs that have little or no health risk are fair since any edge one player gets another player can easily get by just using the same drug.

    Performance-enhancing drugs that have serious health risks, which is most of them on the other hand should be considered banned by sports leagues. Even then I don't see that as the government's business. If someone wants to set up a "steroid league" that allows athletes to use steroids they should be allowed to do so, and I will vote with my feet and not watch any of their games.

  • Yes we should,

    Currently these enhancers are being sold on the black market, if we legalized these enhancers we can have them put in pharmacy's where we can controll the amount given. Also kids can currently acces these enhancers in uncontrolled amounts, if we were to legalize these enhancers there would be a 18+ age requierment. Athletes are also supporting the black market by buying these enhancers, if we put them in pharmacy's this will bankrupt the black market in that sale section. I rest my case!

  • Performance Enhancing Drugs Should be Legal, Under Doctor's Care

    Yes, performance-enhancing drugs should be legal, but only under a doctor's care. In highly competitive sports, one is always on the look out for an edge. Performance-enhancing drugs allow those edges, and thus athletes do take them. Legalizing the drugs would level the playing field, and doctor supervision would ensure safety.

  • Unfair for people who actually do possess the natural talent

    Athletes who take performance enhancing drugs become lazy and sometimes have no talent at all in that sport that they are playing. Whereas , many athletes who don't take these drugs don't have the certain edge that they need in this era of competitive sports. And with that I rest my case

  • It should not be allowed

    It is unfair and can jeopardize the athletes health. Sports are about athletes playing to their best of ability. If everyone were to use drugs the competition would be based on who's using the better drug. The Olympics are based on the athletes ability to do the best they can without any help from drugs.

  • If you do not posses the natural talent then you should not play sports

    No, I do not believe that performance enhancing drugs should be legal. They have proved to be dangerous to not only the user, but also those around the user. If a drug is need to help you perform well in a sport then you may be in the wrong profession. It is not fair to the fans, team members, or the competitors. It is particularly unfair for those that choose to not take the drugs.

  • No, they should not be legal.

    Performance enhancing drugs should be illegal. Not everyone has equal access to steroids and blood doping. This creates a playing field that is not equal. Once these drugs become cheap and available to everyone it may be considered. Until that time they should be illegal in every single sport in the world.

  • I don’t think that performance-enhancing drugs need to be legal in any kind of sport.

    I don’t think that performance-enhancing drugs need to be
    legal in any kind of sport. People have
    gotten so lazy. Everyone wants to use
    calculators and microwaves. What
    happened to the good old days when people were happy with what they
    earned? If athletes want to be
    champions, they need to go to the gym and workout.

  • Only Corrupts Sports

    I do not believe we should legalize performance-enhancing drugs. When considering these drugs we have to take our professional sports into consideration. If these drugs are legalized, they will negatively impact our sports leagues and it will create a culture that would favor drug use. This is unfair to all athletes health.

  • Performance-enhancing drugs should not be legal.

    Performance-enhancing drugs should not be legal. However, people will continue to use these substances no matter what the law is on the books. I think that if people want to use these drugs then they will as long as they can get away with it. It should be left up to the person doing them.

  • No, unless all are taking them.

    Athletics should be played on an equal playing field. If some players are taking performance enhancing drugs and others do not know it and are not taking them, then the field is not even and we can not have real winners. So to be clear, all drugs that enhance performance need to be banned.

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