Should performance enhancing drugs be permitted in professional sports?

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  • Performance enhancing drugs should be permitted in professional sports.

    Performance enhancing drugs should be permitted in professional sports. Lets face it, banning them is not going to keep the athletes from using them anyway. As long as there are professional sports, there are going to be some athletes that want to use them for endurance. I think they should be allowed as long as they do not harm anyone else.

  • Performance enhancing drugs are for cheaters.

    There is no reason whatsoever that we should ever allow performance enhancing drugs in professional sports. Those are for cheaters. There are plenty of athletes with natural skill and abilities who don't need to resort to a needle for their strength. Professional teams should be hiring them instead of these drug using cheaters.

  • No, performance enhancing drugs should not be promitted in sports.

    Allowing performance enhancing drugs in sports would be a very bad idea. It would create an unfair advantage to those players and teams that do not have access to the best enhancing drugs. The teams that have the most money would likely dominate the league on a consistent basis and that would not be healthy for the sport.

  • No, because it's not fair.

    Performance enhancing drugs should not be used unless they are given as part of training to every single participant in a competition. If some are using these without saying so then this is just ruining the fair playing field that athletic competition is supposed to be about and so these should be banned.

  • If you don't have the skill, find something else

    No, I do not believe that performance enhancing drugs should be permitted in professional sports. It would be unfair to those that are naturally talented or strong and chose not to pollute their bodies with these substances. It would promote the use of these substances in youths and generally degrade the quality of professional sports as a whole.

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