Should permission have to be obtained from occupants in order to use the new "nanny cam" feature in Corvettes?

  • Yes, permission should be granted before using a nanny cam.

    Corvette's new "nanny cam" feature allows for the car owner to hear everything that happens in their car. The Big Brother implications of this feature are frightening. It is already the law in many states that one needs to obtain permission before taping. This consent should always be obtained. How many people really need this feature, anyway?

  • nanny cam corvettes

    No absolutely not should there be permission to use a feature in your own car. There could be a sticker that states that the occupants of this vehicle will me monitored but no it is there car and if they want to monitor who is in it than they should have every right to.

  • No absolutely not

    Um, if someone else is driving MY car, I have EVERY right to see what they are doing inside of it. So no. If they don't think they can behave while in my car, then they shouldn't be driving it. Yea, if I was gonna post it online I should get permission, but if i'm just using the nanny cam to watch my car for my own use only, then no way.

  • A Car Is Personal Property

    I do not believe permission should have to be obtained because the vehicle is personal property. I think people tend to forget this about vehicles but they do belong to the owner. It's no different than going to a house with visible cameras on it. No one should expect privacy in this day and age.

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