Should personal computers be allowed in the classroom?

Asked by: acmta
  • I use a personal computer in class

    I use a personal computer in class and it helps me organize my documents and other things because I can take my computer home and I have no worries of them being deleted by other students. Plus having my own computer in class means I don't have to transition from computer to computer all day.

  • They're equivalent to phones only bigger

    Every class must have some students that go on games or the internet when they are allowed to search things up on their projects. But I'm not gonna lie, with computers you can make projects, easier to read essays, searching things up, ect. But think about the downfalls. There's a LOT of inappropriate things on the internet and there's a few children out there who get curious as they grow up. And why give up writing? Writing works the brain and is less complicated to print since writing doesn't need printing at all! Use writing right now! It's free 99! And even though a computer is easier to find your things, it becomes a bit more complicated when you break it. All your files will be gone. And how about those friends that hack into it just for the lulz? I'd prefer classes without computers.

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