• Yes this should be required.

    Personal crisis management should be a part of high school curriculum. This type of class would be important for any student. Everyone faces crisis' throughout their life. If they knew how to handle popular crisis' with a level head there may be less violence and erratic actions taken by misled individuals.

  • Yes, these skills are lacking

    Crisis management is a very important part of adulthood. As society moves away from allowing kids to experience this as a part of growing up (IE, no fighting in schools, everyone gets a trophy), I do think it needs to be taught. I would like to see it taught at a younger level honestly, because it needs to already be functioning at the high school level.

  • It's growing up.

    No, personal crisis management should not be a part of high school curriculum, because this is too complicated of an issue for most high school students. High school students also have very diverse and complex issues. It would be hard to tailor such training to the individual needs of each student.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe personal crisis management should be a part of high school curriculum. Crisis management is usually a business term, not something one would associate with their personal lives. I believe high school students should learn skills that will benefit them later in life. While personal crisis management may seem important it may not be the best answer for every person. We don't all run our lives like a business.

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