Should personal liberties be curtailed in the name of national and personal security?

Asked by: Space_Milk
  • Liberties should never be taken away.

    Privacy, arms, freedom of speech even if they are offensive should never be curtailed, even in the name of security for the nation and the people, otherwise, it helps strengthen the grip of the government, and can be a slippery slope to a authoritarian government. No reason is justifiable for this.

  • Liberty Is Paramount

    The American people must accept that the idea of a perfectly secure state is impossible. Nonetheless, government agencies will continue to use lies and fears to make it seem as though surrendering personal liberties is the only way to prevent being murdered by a terrorist. You're more likely to be killed by a police officer than a so-called terrorist.

  • We're not going to live forever

    Maybe if we could become so secure we live forever it would be worth it, but that's not possible. Hence curtailing personal liberties in the name of national and personal security is a futile endeavor. We should enjoy life while we are alive and to do that to its fullest we shouldn't curtail liberty.

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