Should personal tutors be banned for free will?

Asked by: TheGamer1998
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  • What do you expect?

    Tutors and Teachers are there to make you learn, nothing else. They are paid you teach you how the world works (depending on what subject is being taught). If they don't let you be lazy and make you work then that means they are doing their job. Your social life will not be the same once you enter the real world, in the real world you will not be able to talk to your friends as much or even at all! But that is part of life, so pay attention to your Tutors and Teachers; later in life you will be glad that you listened to them.

  • Personal Tutors Serve Educational Purpose

    Personal tutors are entitled to their own opinions while educating their pupils. Tutors can have free will just like everyone else and can educate their students while maintaining their own opinions. As long as no laws are broken, educational tutors can be hired for whatever subject to assist students in their academic progress.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-20T23:54:20.840
Another dumb question.