Should persons in industrialized nations stop funding the meat industry?

Asked by: kbub
  • Absolutely we should

    Doing so, however, may be difficult. We would need to stop eating meat, although many studies have shown that to be a healthy alternative. . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Please watch this video for some idea of why this might be unethical:

    Posted by: kbub
  • Reform is needed, but that's it.

    Let's face it. Factory farms suck. We all know that they are cruel to animals and that they are driven by greed to produce as much meat as cheaply as possible, but not all meat farms are cruel to their livestock. Our country needs to pass legislation criminalizing abusive treatment of animals such as unclean and crowded pens and long, painful slaughtering practices. The strain that this would put on the meat industry would be offset with increased prices which would in turn increase demand for healthier, vegetarian foods that are easier and more environmentally friendly to farm. This would not only achieve the benefits of ending funding without taking the jobs of the hundreds of thousands of people employed by the industry.

  • Food is good for you

    Industry has made meat production more efficient and cheaper. No reason to stop making food, it is essential to life, actually. The market should be left free to make what people want, and if people crave food, then let them have it, after all cheeseburgers taste good. Nothing si wrong with the meat industry.

  • No we still need the industry

    No people in the industrialized nations should not stop funding the meat industy. Granted the meat industry needs some changes but taking away funding is not the answer. Instead we need reform in the meat industry to help make it safe for everyone. This may actually require more funding not less.

  • Meat is a vital part of our diet and economy.

    There is no reason to stop funding the meat industry. People enjoy eating animal protein, and those who don't can obviously have the choice of refraining from purchasing products made from animals. Most industrialized nations are free markets, anyway, so the cessation of a valid consumer choice isn't something that's going to be on the menu. In short, I don't think that this idea is "well done."

  • The meat industry needs reformation, not shutting down.

    The meat industry is messed up in a few distinct cases: factory farms and the like. But I believe the secret to getting the meat industry back on track is not by shutting it down but, instead, reforming it to fix all of the issues that are plaguing the industry today.

  • Persons in industrialized nations should not stop funding the meat industry.

    People in industrialized nations should not stop funding the meat industry. This is because meat is a good food for humans to consume. Humans are omnivores and should eat meat, and support any industry that allows them the ability to purchase meat as long as it's regulated so that the animals aren't treated badly.

  • No They Should Not

    I do not believe it would be a good idea to stop funding the meat industries, even for industrialized nations. The meat industry has a lot of regulations and rules that must be followed to ensure the safety of it's products. These regulations cost a lot of money to follow.

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