• Yes they are the spawn of the devil

    The devil sends them up to the earth to take over our planet so he can rule over them and create a reptile only planet. This had been his plan all along. The devil is bad the devil is bad the devil is bad snakes are bad and and and not good all the time for you

  • No, They should stay legal.

    I understand that not all people care for reptiles properly, But still. If you want to get some kind of reptile, Do your research, Make sure your husbandry is correct, And don't buy reptiles from large chain pet stores, Like Petco or Petsmart. Make sure they have good food, And lots of space to move around. Basically all beginner snakes that are commonly kept won't 'eat your children' or something ridiculous like that. If you're worried about something like that, Then just don't get a pet reptile, Simple.

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