Should PETA not focus so much on boycotting?

Asked by: TUF
  • PETA shouldn't Focus

    On straight Boycotting animal made products. Let's face it, the appeal that PETA makes is a straight emotional plea (And yes it does work). But are people going to give up eating hamburgers, wearing fur coats, and using nothing that has anything to do with animals just because of these videos? Maybe some will, but not enough for PETA to make a difference. Let's face it, humans are the superior race, and will always continue to make products from animals. But PETA is correct in saying that the way the animals are treated prior to death can be to harsh. (I know this is only a few places, and not all places). So why isn't PETA harnessing their efforts on stopping corrupt organizations from treating animals poorly prior to death? A more reasonable goal for PETA is to animal abuse, and to attempt to get manufacters to use more humane ways to make their products. This goal would not only be easier to do, but people would be able to follow it more. Realism says, that PETA will never be able to make a big enough impact on fast food, and Fur coats for their efforts to make more than a scratch on the surface of the issue. Let's focus on the real issue: Animal Abuse.

    Posted by: TUF
  • Do you really think it is the right way to save animals

    PETA is very illuminate about what they do with your money and seems to have no real goal because they both kill and save animals it is unknown if they agree on every campaign they release, it seems that they are desperate and badly want everyone to do what they say so much that they don’t pay attention to the conscience.

  • Yes, they are fighting for what's right.

    So what if good for nothing celebs like kim kardashian get something thrown at them once in a while, worse things happen, e.G. Being skinned alive on a fur farm! People can be so blind and naive to the cruelty in the world that they disbelieve PETAs stories (why would they make them up?) or just do not care. If everyone watched the undercover investigations that PETA do then everyone would understand but no one gives them the time of day. Watch this video to see how fur is made Anyone that agrees or wears fur is either naive of callous. People either do not care or do not want to hear the truth, animals that we think of as pets like dogs are trapped in awful conditions in tiny steel cages with no food or water left to bleed to death, be electrocuted bludgeoned or SKINNED ALIVE. Watch this video to find out the truth: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=3yl7j7wOPZw

  • They can do what they want.

    I met the creator of PETA. He is so nice. If this is what they want to do, boycotting, then let them. Obviously what they are doing seems to be working because they have gotten out there and made a mark. So no, if they desire to boycott, let them.

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Chucknorris5799 says2015-02-12T22:52:27.527
Peta the organization that kills more animals than any other shelter should shut up about other people killing animals. It is hypocritical.