• Sex will get the attention of some viewers, who may then be inspired to do more research on PETA.

    I absolutely agree that PETA should use sex to push their agenda. Why not? They are working for a cause much greater than any one individual and are doing it in a fashion that will get the ordinary person to stop and possibly further research PETA's cause. All of the PETA ads I have seen are done in good taste and have an underlying message to get across.

  • Sex Does Sell

    Sex sells, so I have no problem with PETA using it to get their message to their intended audience. If the ad catches someone's eye because of the sex appeal, then the idea was a success. They cannot just keep making advertisements that give you random facts, so I have no problem with PETA switching up every one and a while.

  • Blatant Regressive Sexism

    So they care more about animals than the dignity of human beings? Really?? U r first and foremost a human being, and you should never be degraded and brought down to such a low level to pose nude for an organization that supports 'animal rights' is this their message? Gtfo

  • Nobody has become vegan because they were physically aroused by someone.

    It always comes down to animal rights. Nobody has ever said, "Wow, she's sexy! Lets go get veggie patties!" If it actually worked, that may be a different story, but it doesn't. It's simply degrading to women. It gives vegans a bad reputation and does nothing to benefit the movement other than drive people away.

  • Sex has no bearing on animal welfare or a animal rights

    To use sex to get a message about animal welfare/animal rights is totally ridiculous and degrading...

    It's no wonder some people do not take this organisation too seriously and it's no wonder some people actually despise this organisation..

    It needs to be run better than what it is if it wants to be taken seriously...

  • Seems out of character

    I think an organization can do whatever they want to do within reason, but using sex to promote PETA's agenda seems really out of character. I think they would have much more success but just explaining their current positions and giving examples of animal abuses around the world. That would be better.

  • PETA should not use sex to get their message out because sex doesn't sell ideas, it only catches peoples attention.

    Sex doesn't sell ideas it only catches peoples attention. Good commercials stand on merit alone and are way more effective then men drooling over some girl. Personally I think the commercials that don't wiggle around the actual topic, the direct commercials, are always the ones that appeal to me more.

  • PETA should not use sex to get their message out!

    PETA is using sex to get their message out but the only message that they are sending is being a vegan is sexy. To me they are trying to illuminate a group, which are the non-vegans and are saying to anyone, if you are not vegan then you are not attractive. Just like Hitler, if you don't have blue eyes or blond hair then you’re out!

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