Should Pete Rose be allowed in the Hall of Fame?

Asked by: ethanbuhrow
  • Pete Rose is hall of fame material.

    If somebody like Barry Bonds who broke a rule that changes an outcome of a game, why can't Pete Rose? Pete Rose NEVER bet against his own team. Its just him motivating himself to play harder. Why should Barry Bonds be able to be on the Hall Of Fame ballot but Pete Rose cannot?

  • Yes he should be

    He should be allowed into the hall of fame because he was the best hitter of all time, the hall of fame is based off of your accomplishments not what you do outside of the game. He was also a manager and he was just betting that his team would win. What is wrong with that

  • Punishments should deter all players.

    I am pro Pete Rose being in the hall of fame. The numbers he put up (clean mind you), cannot be argued with. Here in a nutshell is my argument:
    Taking away the hall of fame as a punishment for gambling is a punishment that will only effect a very small population of baseball players, and thus isn't a good deterrent against gambling on baseball for most players. Pete Rose should be let in (in my opinion) and a precedent should be set that this is not a punishment for gambling on baseball.
    I am pro Pete Rose never working in baseball again, because terminating a baseball career affects ALL baseball players. Even at the tail end of a playing career many players would have aspirations to continue to work in the game. Thus, this punishment is a deterrent for everyone and makes more sense as a league policy.

  • Is that even a question?

    Pete Rose was a great player and if you guys think that he hasn't earned the right to be in the Hall of Fame, you're sadly mistaken. (Check your facts, Jacks.) Sure, he gambled on the game, but NEVER on his own games, even as a manager. And guess who holds the record for the most career hits- you're looking at him! You already kicked him out of the game; give him his deserved respect and fame.

  • A career negated...

    ...By a poor decision? We just choose to forget an amazing career of a man who made some poor decisions? Give him credit. I don't feel that the punishment fits the crime.

    Heck...There was someone playing this past season (you know who!). How the hell was that fair? Damn Yankees.

  • Pete Rose was the best

    Pete Rose was one of the best baseball players of all time. If we allow people who do steroids in, why would we keep someone who did nothing truly wrong out. He was a star and a legend. He never stopped working and never did anything that was actually illegal.

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