• Everyone deserves a second chance.

    Rose was baseball in the 1970's. The iconic image of him diving head first into a base. His record 4256 hits. No one loved the game more. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone should learn to forgive. No one deserves to cast stones. Rose in the HOF would be the best thing for baseball right now.

  • He got the hits!

    He got the hits as a player. He is not a Hall of Fame manager but is so as a player. I would say most of the guys in the Hall have some demons we overlook and some we do not know about. Put him in as a player. He was best hitter in baseball! Betting on baseball did not get him those hits. There are some guys in the Hall who have done things worse than betting on baseball. Put him in as a player! That's what the Hall is all about: the best players. He is the best hitter who ever played the game. Do not wait until he dies then put him in. He put his life into baseball and played it like nobody else. He deserves it. He is the hitting king!

  • He is the all time hit leader; his play exemplified him as a player who thoroughly loved the game of baseball...and thrilled us all!

    He may have bet on baseball but not as a player. There have been other people who bet on sports: Rogers Hornsby (second-highest lifetime average) skipped out of late inning games to go to the race track to play the ponies. He missed out on the 3,000 hit club because he skipped out. Who was greater? Rose was, because he didn't sacrifice at bats to indulge in gambling.

    Posted by: Pops
  • Pete In hall

    He was the greatest player of all time and has not disgraced the game of baseball like many, many of today's players...What a joke. who in the public's eye really cares about a gambler. Did he ever bet on his team to lose? You can never take away or try to hide all the things he did as a player, or all the many records

  • Hall of Famer- Pete Rose

    Though his actions were against MLB rules...they did nothing to enhance his performance. His amazing stats, including 4,256 hits, are second to none. Hope to see the Hall of Fame and Bud Selig make the right decision soon! Keeping Pete Rose out of the Hall does not change history, however, it does diminish it!

  • 4,256 hits.

    4,256 hits. Nobody is likely to ever reach his record. He bet on his team to win when he was gambling. He gambled after he was done as a player. Celebrate what he did as a baseball player. Many children who grow up loving baseball love Pete Rose as well. I loved him as a player, and still do to this day. We are all human and we all make mistakes. To not forgive him, for something he did after his playing days were over, is in my mind a tragedy. Let him on the ballot. 4,256 hits speaks for itself, and speaks louder in my mind than anything he did after he was done playing. 4,256 hits.

  • He Should Definitely Be In the Hall Of Fame

    Pete Rose was one of the greatest players of all time. The record of 4,256 hits will never be reached no matter how hard anybody tries. Although, Pete Rose did bet on baseball, this is separate from his playing career, and strictly ethical. Players have been inducted with the use of steroids, which effects their performance on the field. Pete Rose is the hit king and deserves to be inducted, regardless of the argument against.

  • Sure Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame

    Pete Rose was involved in conduct that could be considered not of the highest moral and/or ethical standards. However, it can not reasonably be argued that the man was not a phenomenal baseball player and displayed great skill in the game. His conduct off the field does not negate the awesome accomplishments he made on the field. If one's personal choice does not directly affect their skill or talent, and skill and talent is what is being judged, judgment must be reliable and valid.

    For instance, you need brain surgery and the top brain surgeon in the world ( a surgeon whose record has no fatalities or complications) was willing to perform the surgery but the surgeon is known to cheat on his wife, would you not let the surgeon perform your surgery because he cheats on his wife? Cheating on his wife may not be morally or ethically appropriate but it does not negate his technical skills as a surgeon?

    So if the basis for entry into the Hall of Fame is skill, technical ability and rare accomplishment Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

  • Yes, he should

    Pete Rose was a great baseball player by any standards. He did nothing on the field to sully the game. There is no real proof that his gambling had anything with his team's efforts. There wouldn't be very many players in the HOF if all their personal conduct was taken into account.

  • He holds records including all time hits leader, He did his time.

    He did his time and he has the credentials. . . Let him in now that he is still alive and can enjoy it with his family, Fans and former team mates and players. It's been almost thirty years of being punished for his mistake and it's time to forgive him of his errors and give him what he's earned. Entry into MLB's Hall of Fame. . . !

  • He Shouldn't Be In The Hall of Fame

    Pete Rose was a great player but he should not be in the Hall of Fame. Rose made poor decisions and decided to gamble on the game of baseball. Due to this, he has a horrible reputation and shouldn't be placed in the Hall of Fame. What he did is not allowed and he broke the rules.

  • He should not be

    Pete Rose should not be in the Hall of Fame due to his hazardous lifestyle and undermining of the game in which he played. Sure he was a great player, but he took advantage of his position and the game and defaced the validity of it. He is worthy as a player, but as a person he is a disgrace.

  • Put Pete Rose in...

    As my man G.K said in the post in the bottom, he played the game fair as a player and played the game with love and passion. 4256 wow! That's a lot of hits. Three world series rings. 17 All-Star appearances. If Ty Cobb is in the Hall of Fame than why isn't Charlie Hustle

  • He lied for decades all the wile blaming everyone else.

    If our society has completely given up on integrity then sure, let the liar in the Hall Of Fame. But if we want the honor to really mean something then no argument could ever pave the way for his inclusion. For decades he called countless others liars while deflecting the blame. This is the truth, something Mr. Rose is incapable of telling.

  • He fixed games as a manager

    John Dowd stated he could have proved Rose fixed games for his team to lose as a manager. Baseball avoided a huge scandal and Rose by signing the ban avoided prison. Its that simple. He owed money to the bookies that year and his team fell behind the division champs by 15 games in the past two months after a big lead heading into August.

  • Integrity should matter!

    There's no denying Rose's prowess as a player, and his record is an amazing feat that, if ever broken, will see it's reign end decades down the line, long after Rose himself has left this world. No one takes away from him the achievements that have brought him such tremendous recognition, but the game has suffered enough blows to it's image and it's integrity. The same principle that applies to Rose applies to the steroid users who have depleted the game's reputation in recent years: as a member of the nation's pastime, you have a duty to uphold it's greatness with honesty, humility, and dignity, and to forsake this and deface it's image makes you ineligible to be places among it's most hallowed halls. Rose took advantage of his managerial position and all wrongdoing and roadblocks have been imposed on Pete Rose BY PETE ROSE. His actions were not "harmless" or irrelevant; they've sullied the game's reputation and broken it's sacred rules. I don't see anyone rushing to put Joe Jackson in, and he was a better all-around player than Rose was.

  • Should not be I hall of fame

    1919 Black Sox scandal, all 8 players who lost the world series to the reds for betting purposes got banned for life from baseball, why shouldn't Rose I know he was one of the greatest players in baseball history but he made the decision to bet on his own teem which is illegal and should be punished.

  • Pete Rose is a walking disgrace.

    He lied to his wives.. He lied to his kids. He lied to his teammates. He lied to his management. He lied to the Commissioner. He lied to the media. He lied to the Fans. He belongs in the Electric Chair. He is not someone to be revered for anything.

  • Sends wrong message to kids

    He committed a crime.....Period. If he were to be entered into the fall of fame it would tell kids it's oaky to cheat and commit crimes.
    Too bad it turned out this way for hime but he is the one who made the decision to do the crime. Period... !

  • He's a cheater

    Nobody likes him. He might be one of the biggest cheaters to ever play the game of baseball. Nobody likes him. He was probably on roids too. He's a disgrace to baseball and doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same category as the GOAT, Alex Rodriguez for the Yankees.

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