• Pete Rose should remain banned from baseball

    Pete Rose continues to be his own worst enemy in his effort to be reinstated to baseball. His lack of conciliation, failure to admit to betting on baseball in spite of the evidence, and his continued gambling are all strikes against him. That said, he should be eligible for, and admitted to, the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • Sure ban him...

    Go ahead and ban Pete Rose from baseball, but give him a chance to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame for his past works as a baseball player. He made baseball great and should be given that chance, but if it is decided to ban him from baseball then go ahead and ban him.

  • Forgive and move on

    Sports fans hold athletes in high regard and set high expectations for their behavior on and off the field. Many times those expectations are not met and the fans, the game and more to the point, the players themselves suffer the consequences. Such was the case with Pete Rose. Baseball fans are well aware of Rose's egregious error in judgement. There is no denying what he did was wrong and he has paid the price. Rose is after all human and as such, subject to error. Perhaps it is time for fans and the powers that be to show their humanity by forgiving Rose and letting him back in the game. After all, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"...or ball.

  • No, Pete Rose deserves his place in Hall of Fame

    The best argument in support of Pete Rose is that we should judge him solely based on his history on the field, not as a manager/bettor. He was one of the best players to play the game, and should be remembered as such, alongside the caveat that he did and still does gamble on mlb games.

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