• We should allow dogs to go to school

    I think allowing would be a great idea because studies show that families can fight off a sickness with a pet so the should bring to school so they can fight off the sickness they have. Which was said by a sixth grader in your face sucker. Lets see who can agree with me

  • It would be lit

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  • I am d

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  • Dogs are awesome

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  • Nope no no

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  • Too many issues with it.

    Look, let me put it simply. People have allergies. People can't always pay attention with a dog next to them. Plus you'd have to let your dog outsife. The dogs would play/fight. As would other animals.

    It's asking way to much of the school and the students. And is just a ridiculous idea.

  • Why should they??

    Pretty much the only reason we have pets around is because they're fun, friendly and make you feel more like the higher life form you think you are. School is a place where people, especially children with second-long attention spans, go to learn things. In what way would a puppy help a 3rd grader learn his times tables? Eliminating the distraction by shoving aside pets for recess or specific activities would only be a waste of time, resources and energy for all involved.

  • Animals should never be allowed in schools

    Putting an animal in a school should be considered a form of animal abuse. Animals could be scared of the kids and people might drop the animals. Not even mentioning the fact that a lot of people are allergic to animals. It would be terrible if people brought their animals to school!

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