• He is 38!

    He is definitely not as good as he was a few years ago. And, he can't throw good anymore. I hope he decides to retire very soon because his body might not be able to take the pain anymore. I mean, he's getting tackled by 350 pound men every time he plays.

  • It's all downhill from here

    Bottom line is this. He's another year older, and despite what many say, his decline is evident in my eyes. Yes, he had a great year, but he also had arguably the best team he's ever had. Physically, he's not the same. Not even close. That INT in overtime displayed it. I honestly think I could've thrown a ball with more velocity than he put on that ball. He can't grip the ball the way he wants, which is why he wore a glove on his throwing hand for the first time in his career, and all of his throwing power comes from his legs now. When you're an aging QB, the legs are the first thing to go. There's simply no reason for him to stick around except another SB, and honestly, this was his last real shot. I have a feeling he will be a shell of himself next season. He had a good run this year, and proved a lot of doubters wrong (similar to what Favre did with Minnesota in 2009) but the time has come. Go out strong,

  • No.

    He's still playing at an All Pro level, some would even say he's deserving of the MVP this year. There is no reason to retire at this point unless he feels that his body can't take another year of the grinding and pain that comes from being 36 years old and being tackled by 300 pound linemen.

  • Not if he doesn't want to.

    As long as he's healthy enough to keep playing, wants to keep playing, and has a team who wants him, no he should not retire. He's an amazing player, and he should continue to play football as long as he's able to! The Broncos are having a great season, largely due to Peyton's playing!

  • Peyton Should Keep Playing

    I think that Peyton Manning should keep playing football and shouldn't stop any time soon. He is having an incredible season and is one of the leading candidates for NFL MVP this year. Manning has his team in the playoffs and the broncos are playing their best football in a very long time.

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