• Peyton needs rest.

    Peyton Manning sure needs to retire after this season. Despite his team spirit and willingness to support his team, he is medically unfit for the game and needs to rest. His unwillingness to quit at the right time cost the team a big loss. The decision to let him continue playing, in his present condition, would be risky for the team.

  • His time has come

    I believe that Payton Manning has seen better days, and his health is simply not getting better. He has set records, and I think it's time for him to say goodbye while he is still on a bit of a high note. If he came back for another season, I think it would only be disastrous and he would see more time on the sidelines than on the field.

  • Peyton Manning still has some life in his game.

    Yes he is having some health issues with his plantar fasciitis, but he also has a team of doctors to help get him ready. Peyton still has a good game and can throw accurately. He should not retire just yet. 39 years old is getting close, but I think with the training professionals receive and the care after injuries they can get, which is better that what you or I could get, he will be back in the game soon.

  • Peyton Manning is a great QB

    I would love to see Peyton stay and play more believe me I don't wanna say this is the last game of Peyton Manning I watched but seriously the team may not be able to afford to keep him and let so many of our quality free agents walk away.

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