• Business is business, right?

    My view on the subject is that it's just a business deal, and I don't understand why the media and the world is becoming so involved with one company buying and taking over another. It happens all of the time. What's wrong with it happening this time compared to every other time it's happened throughout the history of business?

  • Pharmacueticals companies should not be allowed to develop monopolies.

    Allergan and Pfizer are two large drugs companies whose product lines overlap. When a number of pharmaceutical companies create the same products, this keeps prices low meaning that they are available to help a larger range of people across income groups. Allowing companies to gain a monopoly over medication inevitably leads to practical unjustifiable price hikes. This essentially places the pursuit of profit on a higher plane than health and life.

  • Less competition is bad for the consumer

    Mergers are nothing new, we've seen them happen over a number of years. However, this is a merger of two huge companies, and since they both have a huge reach with each of their own respective line of products this merger could be worrisome for buyers of those products. This also means that these two companies won't be in competition with each other and there will be less individual stores from both brands since they'll be once company, competition of course, encourages companies to think of ways to do what benefits the consumer but if huge companies merge they're less likely to do that as what reason would they have to do it if it hurts them financially? Chances are no one can touch them so unless they decide to do it out of the kindness of their heart, it's probably not going to happen all that much.

  • Corporate tax dodge

    Pfizer is only doing this so that it can move its corporate headquarters to Ireland. Moving jobs abroad and creating a mega-corporation will be no good for the American consumer. With the acquisition of Allergan, Pfizer edges out Johnson & Johnson and Novartis for market value, further consolidating our heath care options.

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