• Yes they should,

    While birth control is "a bit" more serious issue than cough and fever, I still think that pharmacists should be allowed to prescribe birth control because assurances are made that there will be checks and medical history reporting prior to issuing pills. Plus, given the time and he kind of society we live in, sexual behaviour of all age and income groups especially the younger and poorer ones has become very "risky" and "careless" (for better or for worse) and in order to combat unwanted pregnancies and abortions, birth control drugs should be as easily accessible as possible. Personally I'd say that this is only alleviating the symptoms of much deeper problem, but given that all sex-ed and talks did not produce enough/any results during these last couple of decades, I'll settle for this.

  • Yes, for sure.

    It should be over the counter. There are very little side effects if used properly, and the benefits are very great. I don't like the fact that it is so highly controlled as it is now. The only reason it is is for political reasons and because companies want to protect the status quo.

  • Yes, Pharmacists Should Be Able to Prescribe Birth Control

    Yes, pharmacists should be able to prescribe birth control. Giving women more options to take control over preventing pregnancy will help lessen the likelihood of unwanted births, thereby lessening the chance of unnecessary abortions or needing the "day after" pill. We should make it easier for women to have control over their bodies, not harder.

  • No, pharmacists should not be allowed to prescribe birth control

    While I believe that men and women should have as much access to free birth control and sexual health resources as possible, I do not think it is responsible to give pharmacists the right to prescribe birth control. From a personal perspective, birth control can have significant side-effects for women. A doctor should weigh the pros and cons with anyone who wishes to use birth control; I don't believe a pharmacist is equipped to have the kind of discussion required. The pill is not the only option.

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