• Philly has already banned them...

    Philadelphia DOES have the highest amount of obese youth in the country, so of course a lot of schools cut back and changed the food in their vending machines. It still doesn't stop the school from selling soda in their own private stores and students from bringing it in though.

  • Yes, soft drinks in schools should be banned.

    There is no reason why a school should make sweet drinks available to students during the school day. They throw off the chemistry of the body and make concentrating on school work difficult. In addition, they can help foster the addictive tendencies that will create the conditions for obesity later on.

  • We love soda.

    I say that soda is a great drink for a hot day when it is 100 degrees outside. I also think it is a good drink to have when watching a movie or playing a game with family.I would also say that during school it keeps me awake. Also at school events like football or basketball the schools get more money.Let me say one last thing no soda in school less money for school.

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