• Yes Philip Morris' Advertising should be banned

    Yes Philip Morris' Advertising should be ban. For many years, countries have imposed partial or total bans on tobacco advertising, marketing and promotion. In the vast majority of countries, advertising is no longer permitted on broadcast media such as television and radio. Many countries also have prohibited advertising on billboards and in print media such as newspapers and magazines. Where advertisements are allowed, health warnings are usually mandated. Philip Morris Should fully be banned from media. In a situation where a smoker who had previously decided to quit smoking after being diagnosis of serious treat to his or her health. Suddenly come across an advert of a tobacco company, such smoker will be entice to try the new brand of their product. Which in essence the smokers is forced to go back in taking tobacco. So Philip Morris should be fully banned from the public, especially the media.

  • Yes, Phillip Morris' advertising should be restricted.

    Phillip Morris' advertising should be restricted in South America. Smoking has been proven to be unhealthy, dangerous and even deadly in many cases. Therefore, young people should be warned about the risks of smoking; not induced to start with cigarette advertisements. Smoking bans in the United States were effective at reducing the number of young people that start smoking.

  • Yes, Philip Morris' advertising should be restricted in South America.

    Yes, advertising by Philip Morris should be restricted in South America. The damages smoking causes to people's health is well documented. Advertising has been shown to increase the rates of smoking among young people, leading many to suffer from lifetime addictions to nicotine. Philip Morris should not be allowed to advertise cigarettes and other tobacco products.

  • Yes, Philip Morris' Advertising should be restricted

    This does not apply merely to South America and the USA. Harmful advertising should be restricted. This is a sticky situation because it nearly infringes on 1st amendment rights, however, all citizens on this earth should be protected from harmful scheming of big businesses trying to make a dollar at the expense of the health and well being of people.

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