• Philosurfer Should Return to Debate. Org!

    Philosurfer retired from Debate. Org without fully realizing a great potential.

    Philosurfer should return and stake a claim in the Debate-world in which Philosurfer is a Master of the Universe.

    Its been several years since Philosurfer was/has been on Debate. Org and is taking a survey (with this Opinion) to see who is still active and interested.

  • I love Philosurfer

    It all started the day that philosurfer was born. The doctor noticed his excessively powerful brain, And enormous cock. That's when everyone knew he wouldn't take shit from anyone. It would be inhumane for philosurfer not to come back because its his special weapon. Like it would be uber gay if Thor never used his hammer. Therefore, Philosurfer must come back for the sake of his fans and the sake of humanity.

  • Yes, And here's why.

    I don't know why he or she is not here, But i support free speech. I don't think censorship in a Constitutional society, Should occur. Give me 3 good reasons, Why I should change my mind. Pickles and onions are gross. I love dogs. This word minimum thing is bull snickers. I am really tired of this minimum word thing.

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