Should phones be allowed in school for learning use?

  • I think they should be

    As a student who attends a school that currently allows this, I can say that this is a very vital tool I use in my learning. The way my school is set up, we have a signal blocker (to block normal cell service) and we have a school wifi account that has an admin-installed website blocker that blocks all websites that cannot be used for an educational purpose. My school does not have enough laptops for every class to use so when there are none available, my phone makes the perfect tool for the job. So for those who say that this is a bad idea, you should first look into schools that are already utilizing this and research what methods they are using. Believe it or not, this is very useful because Even though there may not be enough laptops (we don't have tablets), Almost everyone has a cell phone with a wifi capability. Thank you for reading, and I hope this helped you with your choice.

  • No, phones should not be allowed in school for learning use.

    No,phones should not allowed in school for learning use.Phones would be nothing but trouble if they were utilized for learning purposes.It would encourage students to be distracted and break rules by cheating through various techniques on phones.Due to their nature,phones are also very hard to regulate on a regular basis.

  • No. Children have enough learning tools.

    Most schools provide some form of computer, lap top, or tablet experience. That is good for having children learn in a global sense. Phones are more individual, and some can not afford them. They are also to easy to keep at one's desk and be looking at all the time for other purposes than just doing school work, so it is best to keep them off the desk.

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