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  • I say no.

    Take this from me, What if a kid was like "OH MY GOSH I FORGOT MY HOME WORK NOW I HAVE TO REDO MY GRADE! " yeah, They're going to want to call their parents. Or if their parents weren't coming to pick them up, Or if you missed the bus and need them to pick you up. You could ask an adult, But adults are scary. Let me tell you, One time I got lost in Walmart, And I didn't have a phone. So I started looking around freaking out. Some girl with half of a shaved head started walking towards me asking what was wrong. The freaked out kid I was, Thought it was some sort of kidnapper, Because I am freaked out by those people. So I ran as fast as my little feet could take me, And the woman(who was by the way some one who worked at Walmart and was only trying to help me) chased me saying"wait stop! " but I didn't stop. I kept running. The girl went and got some man (who also worked at Walmart) to help chase me. So here I was, Lost in Walmart, Being chased by two workers. Eventually I found bench, And sat down. No one was around me. So either they gave up, Or I out ran them. I started looking again and found my family. But if I had a phone none of this would have happened. So don't bannister's phones.

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