• Yes cuz then they can listen to my mixtape

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  • Kids should have phones

    Kids have phones in my school, texting in class. Some of my teachers allow us to text in class as long as we're paying attention. This works out really well. We really do work better with music.

    Lots of kids are irresponsible though, but at this point in high school, they should know right from wrong.

  • Helps with homework

    I'm a 15 year old and my math teacher lets us use phones all the time. It helps a lot. Most kids are used to looking at phones so why not in class. Since most teachers don't let kids use phones in class, they do it anyway and get in trouble. If you just let kids use their phones, it saves lots of time and money on textbooks and replacing them. I say, let phones be used in school!

  • Yes, kids should have phones.

    I think kids should have phones because it could be an emergency, and kids can pull there phones out of there pockets. Also because kids can probably only work really good with music. Another reason is because if someone left there work or ID at home, they can call there mothers to take it to them, but I don't think kids in elementary schools should have phones only middle schools and high schools.

  • Going to used

    I said yes for the simple reason phones in this day and age are going to be used no matter what. When schools ban phones kids sneak them. They are now days a part of our society as a way for kids to talk and if schools banned them they would do it anyways therefore they shouldn't be banned because its a useless rule and with out a ban teachers would be more able to control it and use it to there advantage

  • All about boundaries

    We need to come to realize that technology is just going to be apart of our lives from now on and starting at earlier ages. As long as there are clear boundaries, it is okay for phones to be used in schools. I would want to be able to communicate with my child if possible.

  • Yes, phones should be used in school

    I don't see why phones shouldn't be used in school. Phones are a great way to communicate with friends and family and are a great access point in case of emergency. Phones should be allowed to school because it can help kids stay efficient and up to date on current information.

  • No, phones should not be used in school.

    Phones are a major distraction to both those who are using the phones and to those who are around those using the phones. If a child is texting, surfing the web, or snapchatting, her is not paying attention to the lesson. However, children should be allowed to carry turned off phones in case of emergency situations.

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