Should phys. ed. be a mandatory course in high school?

Asked by: DBDelaney
  • Yes kids are huge

    I was getting my dose of physical education at sky zone last weekend and I saw a kid bigger then his whole family COMBINED! He then Proceeded to fall on a young child and crush him THE AMBULANCE CAME!!! And the building erupted in to chaos! Just because he couldn't pass the Kentucky friend chicken.

  • Physical Education Should Be Required

    When I attended high school I was required to take physical education for three semesters. I believe it is important to include physical education for high school students because fitness is something that is important for life long health. This is the school systems last attempt to teach correct exercises and different sports and I believe that is beneficial to all students.

  • Physical Education should be a mandatory course in high school.

    Physical Education should be a mandatory course in high school. We all had to do it at some point, remember being forced to change in the locker rooms and showering? Looking back, it was not as horrible as we made it out to be. I think students should have to take this class and get exercise.

  • Kids Need Exercise to Stay Healthy

    Kids of all ages need physical exercise in schools to help maintain good health. Kids shouldn't have to play sports, but physical education was required for me in high school and it should still be required now. Three semesters of phys ed should be sufficient for enough physical activity in four years.

  • Yes phys ed is important

    Phys ed should be mandatory at all grade levels including high school. In phys ed you learn how to be active, work as a team, and get a chance to exercise. These are all great benefits in life and should be taught to all people in all grades to provide a better future.

  • PE should be a mandatory course.

    Our nation is woefully out of shape. Many people are obese and have health problems that are caused or exacerbated by their weight. It is important to instill a sense of well-being in teens early on in their lives, and requiring them to exercise through a PE course would help in this endeavor.

  • Yes, physical education is needed now more than ever

    One of the curses of technology is that for all the good it does us, it has never been easier to sit around and do nothing. For some high school students, physical activity outside of physical education doesn't exist, they go to school, come home, play video games and repeat that process. A little activity isn't bad for them, even if it doesn't make them interested in pursuing it outside of the gym.

  • Children shouldn't be forced to do a class that gives them no advantage

    Many students already participate in sports outside of school so by requiring this as a class, those who are already in an outside sport gain nothing causing them to waste a class that could be used as a study hall, or even extra time in their core classes, therefore causing this to become a waste of time. Also some students dont want to continue to have to take this class considering it is required in Elementary and so the point of this class is a WASTE OF TIME, thus supporting my argument.

  • Physical education should only be a mandatory course for those students who do not already engage in some other form of organized recreation.

    Those students who participate in physical activities, such organized sports, dance or cheerleading, should not be required to take physical education in addition to these activities. These activities require a significant time commitment and the physical activity in which participants engage is far more rigorous than that of a physical education class. Physical education in high school should be required only for those who do not otherwise participate in some type of organized recreational activity.

  • No physical education

    Most of us already get our excercise. From outside sports to just fun activities. Some of us, like me, can't do most sports bc we have injuries and if we just take it easy and just try our best out of school I don't see the point of physical education. Also we have had physical education throughout elementary and middle school. This would be a chance to start something new and maybe find something that will help us find our careers. I think physical education should be just another curriculum that is optional

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