• Yes i do

    It keeps students healthy and athletic. Not every student are athletic some students when they get home all they do is sit down and play there consoles. And only about a quarter of the student are healthy and exercises everyday. Some students parents don't have enough money for gym equipment
    for there kids to play with.

  • Why shouldn't it be?

    PE should be manditory as it serves to make kids healthy and fit. As a parent I feel that my child should get off the couch and go for a run at any possible moment. When kids say that sport isn't for them they are wrong. There is more to sport besides running and jumping. So when your kid says sport isn't for them they are wrong.

  • Agreement of fatness

    I agree with my good friend SteveGates here, people are getting too fat and its obvious, which is why some sort of physical education programme should be implimented to stop all the little fatties from developing man boobies. Its more important for children to have some sort of physical structure as developing obesity at such a young age heightens your risk of developing diabetes. So yes Phys-Ed should be mandatory as i dont like looking at triple chins nor do i like looking at man nipples or waves of fatty fat fat rolls.

  • Why shouldn't it be?

    When people are trying to come up with excuses to try and stop playing sport in school you know something is up. Why is it such a bad thing for children to exercise? Sport IS for everyone. There are many types of sport besides running and jumping. When people say that its not for them they are either lazy and should do a sport or they are weak and need to find a sport that suits them like table tennis.

  • People are too FAT

    People these days are getting way too fat and its clear for all to see. Every where you look theres fat people and its happening all over the world. This needs to change and one way to do that is to make sports compulsory in schools and prevent children from becoming fat. People do not need to fat its unhealthy and it increases the chances of people getting diabetes.

  • Making a person with asthma run around a field should not be allowed

    Physical education should 100% be OPTIONAL. Making someone with autism or asthma or another reason to not want to run around will not help their future. Another thing with PE is that it makes people think they are going to become a footballer and makes them waste all of their time on PE.

  • Not an academic subject.

    Although the people that support PE have good intentions for the kids, it should not be a requirement in order for students to finish school. Many students are not good at PE and would have the grades hurt over something that is entirely unrelated to their future fields of study. This is not fair to those smart, hard working students out there that want to focus more on academics than physical education in school.

    This doesn't mean that kids should not be encouraged to exercise though. Obesity is a major problem in America, and the change starts with the family. The families are the ones who have to change their lifestyles in order for people to get fit again. The school can not make an obese child healthy through a single PE class. It is up to the parents of that child to ensure their kid get the correct exercise and a healthy diet.

    In conclusion, keep schools requirements for academics only and keep encouraging kids to stay active, especially outside of school.

  • It's not for everyone

    Is it true that it is important for children to stay in shape? Certainly. However, most Phys Ed classes seem to cater to only those who are adept at and enjoy sports. I remember back in my high school years being told to play a game of American football, and we were given absolutely no instruction on how to play, as if the coaches expected all of us to know what a "break" or "blitz" was. Not only this, but sports are only necessary for those who wish to pursue it as a career. I hardly see how one who aspires to become an artist, a musician, or a scientist would benefit from sports training.

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