Should physical-assisted suicide be an accepted option for terminally ill patients?

  • It's their choice to die, Not yours.

    If someone is suffering and really wants it to stop knowing they have nothing to live for, Then yes they should be allowed to decide when they die. It's their choice not anyone else's. We should help these patients in any way we can and if assisting in their suicide is how they want to leave, Then so be it. It's their freedom and no one else should be able to take that away from them.

  • People should not be forced to suffer

    People should be allowed assisted suicide. No one should be forced to suffer. Some medical conditions can defiantly cause suffering and people should be given a legal peaceful way out. I've researched it and its said that assisted suicide is a peaceful way for someone to die. People deserve that kind of peace.

    Posted by: Reli
  • Quality of life.

    I believe that life should be measured by experience and happiness rather than length. If someone were to become a vegetable or trapped in their own body to the point that they can no longer enjoy life to the point that is acceptable to them without the hope of improving, Shouldn't they be able to end it all instead of spending the rest of their life in misery? Go watch this old movie called "Johnny got his gun. " A young man in the military gets his arms and legs blown off. He is blind, Deaf and mute since his face is so severely damaged. He can only communicate through touch. He is trapped within his own body and goes insane in his head since the government refuses to kill him as he requests through morse code. Does that sound like a life worth living?

  • They have their own choice

    If someone who is gonna die a slow painful death why not kill them quick and painless. If they have their mind set on it then it is their choice. If it is done humanely then there is no reason why they shouldn't end a choice. No one is forcing them to kill themselves they just have that option if they want it.

  • Economic advantages of physical-assisted suicide

    The first thing that may come to mind when thinking about the economic advantages of physical-assisted suicide is the potential to save both resources and time on patients who are terminally ill. Usually when a patient is terminally ill, The expenses for medical care can rise quickly due to aggressive treatments, Costly medications, And long duration of hospital visits. Not only do the expenses pile up for the patients and their insurance companies, But the expenses can pile up for the
    patients families as well.

  • A life is a life

    Whether or not you wish to kill yourself, It is never the correct or moral option. When you end a life, Whether it be your own or other's, You take away someone's potential. Also, Doctors took an oath to help people, Not hurt them, So that is another reason I am against euthanasia.

  • Suicide is suicide.

    There is no such thing as assisted suicide. If you help someone to end their life then you become complicit in their death. Morality and legality are governed not by anarchistic decisions but by collective social decisions. Unless there is a radical and comprehensive amendment of social law then assisting another persons death must remain illegal. Simply introducing a sort of unlegislated moral tolerance to end of life decision making would set legal precedents that would inevitably lead to abuses of privilege.

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