Should physical bullying be considered as a violent crime ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Physical violence is violence.

    Violence is violence period. Whether or not someone is severely injured is irrelevant. If I go out and spit on someone, they don't get sick in any way, I'm going to jail for a few. It doesn't matter that they don't have a hospital bill to pay, or that they aren't disabled by what I've done.


    Because I just potentially injured someone. I unnecessarily escalated a situation where I was in no physical danger. The same should go for other violent, non-defensive acts.

  • If the school does nothing, law enforcement should.

    I have mixed feelings about this situation. As someone who was severely bullied (not physically but very emotionally) into quitting school and taking school online, I know the effects that bullying can have, and have experiences them in a way to personal situation, I feel that bullying should be necessarily addressed and viciously investigated by schools, parents, and if so, the police.

    The first time a student brings to attention that bullying is happening the school should without a doubt investigate into the situation and put a stop to it immediately. However, most students do not feel comfortable because of the very reason that schools hardly ever take care of these serious situations. So it should be made easier that schools look into every and all reports of bullying, whether it is physical or emotional attacks.

    If schools and parents got involved more than there would not be a need to question whether or not bullying should be tried as a violent crime. However, if the school does not research into it, and the parent still hears that their child is being bullied than I feel that the police should be contacted, that they should look into the person doing the bullying for inflicting harm, and the school for negligent acts and both should be taken into consideration such as the school board being forced to retire someone, or the bully having to serve a small amount of time in Juvenile detention.

    If the victim commits suicide due to bullying, child abuse, or sever emotional harm than someone does need to be arrested and tried for murder, I feel that making someone feel so less about themselves to the point that taking their own life should be considered murder. After all, such an event would not have happened if the bullying had been aggressively addressed and dealt with, or not had happened at all.

    The parents should also be held accountable in some way if they had not taken action such as contact the school, the parents of the aggressor, and made sure their child had the option of counseling and medication if necessary (I also feel that the states should make access to mental treatment more affordable.), or neglected their child's concerns.

    In short. I feel that all bullying, in any form, is a crime and if the first incident is not dealt with by the school, that law enforcement should absolutely get involved.

    There is NEVER an excuse to bully someone. It should be resolved accordingly.

  • No,why it shoud ?

    Violence is not necessary to be violent crime.And bullying shouldn't be considered as violent crime either.However there is still an exception: If bullying cause serious injury then it should be considered as a violent crime as well as cause someone commit suicide.But in general bullying does not cause serious injuries.

  • Yes violence is violence but

    We have to think that bullying actually starts in school. What is then the use of teachers and parents? We also have to think that there will always be a reason why physical bullying happened but it doesn't mean that it would directly be associated as a crime. What I'm trying to say here is that the schools and parents must hold the responsibilities of individuals who are minors but physical bullying done by individuals above legal age is completely different. They have their own mindset and they know what is right and what is wrong and they would not use physical bullying without any reason.

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