• This is sad

    Do you people not see what is happening to the country? How many people are suffering from obesity and health issues related to not being physically active? Forget math and science, who is going to take care of the future if everyone is dying from diabetes? If you are against this you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Physical education should be required.

    Physical education should be mandatory, it is an essential part of growing and learning. Without physical education in school students would have trouble learning about other things such as math or science. Physical activity stimulates the minds of the young and keeps them on the ball when learning new things. Also being physically helpful, it helps children learn there physical limits, without having to run the mile in P.E. children would have to do it on there own, or choose not to. Choosing not to is only going to be detrimental to the future of the child. They will never live lives , and they will complain for the rest of their lives about "skinny" people and how they are "fake" when in reality they are more real than the person calling them fake. The "skinny" person most likely had to work for what they achieved, where as "fat" people worked by eating mass amounts of food, artificial products and junk that is bad for their bodies, giving these people shorter lives and less to experience with the time they have.

  • Because i think so

    I read that its okay to be fat, its a way to live no matter how you look on the outside the inside is what counts. So leave fat people alone. Pe is usually boring so just leave people how they are. Ps i think its okay to be fat & i lov e choclate cake and also pizza and chips and soda!!!!

  • You get a bigger D's

    When you exercise you kick start hormones in your body. This triggers growth spurts causing u to grow in many way. This way kids can grow and not get fat. Instead they will get MUSCLES in return for their sweat and hard work. Exercising might also help kids over cum asthma. PE will benefit you in many ways

  • Healthier kids are smarter kids!

    The statements against are ridiculous. Possible injury, schools can't afford it, only for certain people, takes away from learning core subjects. Look it up, exercise and PE have been proven to increase IQ and test scores. How is this even a debate? Moreover, today's PE is vastly improved over what it was years ago. More inclusive, better curriculum, increased social skills.

  • PE is irrelevant to learning

    Physical education is not part of a school's job. Instead, it should be the parent's job. Schools are for learning, not for physical education. Physical education is pointless. Being physical is does not come from going to do minor exercises for one hour every day, instead, it comes from lifestyle changes.

  • Alyssa is triggered

    I belive we should have PE on the account of Alyssa saying she does not have PE so we should force her to against her own will. AND YES IM TALKING ABOUT THE ALYSSA IN YOUR SCHOOL *CryBaby ;) saying random words so my argument is long enought "a book".

  • P.E. Should be mandatory because...

    1. Students mostly try to avoid exercise and a compulsory period of PE can make them do the basic exercises atleast. This is for their own benefit.

    2. Regular physical exercises are associated with a healthier, longer life and with a lower risk of serious illnesses and diseases.

    3. Studies have shown that physical education leads to improvements in students’ academic performance and cognitive abilities too. Thus mental health too is guaranteed with PE.

    4. PE helps build stamina and strength so as to pursue the goals a student has decided. Even if a person is genius, a weak constitution will only drag him down and not let him achieve goals in a timely manner.

    5. Childhood obesity is another rising problem. To counter it regular exercise is necessary. PE offers this opportunity.

    6. Good exercise habits result in healthier lifestyles which is extremely useful in the future. PE inculcates these good habits.

    7. With the current trend of overuse of technology, people are avoiding physical activity. Students no longer play outdoors. Most of them prefer watching TV or playing video-games. PE can offer the required physical activity.

  • Obesity is horrible

    Four out of five people do not meet government physical education guidelines and that is very wrong and the government physical education guidelines is one hour daily so there should be at least one hour daily phys ed thank you guys but I think it is very wrong to just accept obesity but really its going to get worse if we don't put an end to it now who's with me ???

  • You'll be fat if you don't

    You'll concentrate better in school and you won't be fat. Not a lot of people like to hang out with kids who have to be in a wheel chair because of their weight. You barely walk, you can't see your toes, and people like more athletic people. You also you more likely to get a girlfriend if your more athletic:)

  • Bullying is prominent in this area.

    I believe that Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools. Bullying can be most prominent during PE, especially in the locker rooms where privacy is not obtained. This secluded area is ideal for bullying, and many children are uncomfortable with being seen. Due to obesity rates in America, many children that have problems with their size and are being mistreated.

  • I love pe

    PE is really fun and we play loads of games such as netball, hockey and rounders. Without pe we would all be fat and we would all die at 25 like the 64% of adults that are obese will. So I think PE should be mandatory until we leave university and then we should be forced to go to the gym twice a week.!!!

  • I say they don't cause

    I have some of my friends with incurable diseases. My friend Timothy, is a hemophilia victim, and if he got hurt, the bleeding won't stop. The bleeding occurs for so long that he can lose a lot of blood, and, of course it's dangerous. Let's say his friend asks him to play football. Everybody knows football is a dangerous sport. If he gets hurt, now how can the inexperienced kids help? This should be taught and reviewed intensely as not to be harmful to the disabled ones.

  • Lazy teacher lazy

    This one time, I was in gym and they told us to run. I look over, and this teacher was sitting there, drinking chocolate milk. So I yelled "I wanna see you run!" I got detention, but it was ridiculous. Also, in some schools, you need to do X amount of things to pass, what if you don't?

  • Irrelevant

    Let me first say that it is definitely true that many people in our nation (USA) are overweight or obese. Achieving a healthier body requires a lifestyle change, not going to PE class a couple times a week for an hour each day. PE is nowhere near enough to combat the rate of obesity and overweight people. Other than that, it is parents' jobs to make sure that their kids get exercise. Schools' jobs are for building peoples' minds and enriching their knowledge.

  • Recommended, Not Mandatory

    It is important thhat physical education be taught in schools, especially at a young age. However, on the scale of "important things to know", academic endeavors are more important for a school to provide as it is much more specialized to deliver that material. Schools should focus on things that parents can't, such as physics, biology, chemistry, history, algebra, calculus, and many other subjects that really just can't be "self taught". It is much easier to have a gym membership or shoot hoops at the park, or even just jog a few miles a day, rather than relying on schools to spend time and money into these types of resources.

  • Physical Education should be at the option of parents.

    Physical Education, like all education programs ,incurs costs, and not all school budgets, communities, and students are created equal. Furthermore, time spent on physical education is time taken away from other scholarly pursuits. Is there something in our Federal or State Constitutions that says, Physical Education shall be required in schooling? No there is not. And time and money spent takes away from math skills, reading skills, learning finance, accounting, civics, or any other number of endeavors that prepares students for life. Some parents have their children participate in physical activities outside of school. Some schools can barely afford to pay their teachers as it is, and physical education would take away from their ability to pay for basic courses. One size fits all solutions simply are not appropriate, and forcing parents, students, and taxpayers to engage in an activity that is not an absolute requirement is enforced tyranny at its finest.

  • Physical education should not be a required course.

    1. Some situations of this class are not suitable for students because the conditions(space,equipment)for physical education is inadequate.

    2. Students should have a right to invest their time because the students in my country (Taiwan) often have heavy academic loads.

    3. A mandatory PE classes often cause injuries for some weak students.

  • Physical education should not be mandatory

    It should not be mandatory for several different reasons. One reason is that if a kid doesn't want to do anything he's not going to do it. John Heywood wants said you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it. Gym class is not really active either they mess around and play games when they can be learning about important things.

  • It Doesn't Foster or Even Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

    PE coaches and health teachers may act as if a required physical education will change a student's lifestyle, but let's get real here. We all know that gym only causes stress, disappointment, forced involvement, and is the prime environment for bullying. Some kids, even those who aren't obese are still extremely self-conscious of their physical appearance (birth marks, scars, flat chested, not muscular, etc.) and bullies exist everywhere. This only causes more stress in these students and hinders their learning experience. Not to mention, most students are unlikely to carry what they learn over into their everyday life. Some students also are physically unable to do some things others can't, and their GPA is affected by their inability to run as fast or jump as high. All things considered, it shouldn't be required, only encouraged.

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Obesity rates lower drastically
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Do you people see this shit it's fucking ridiculous the no should be wining a majority of the yes is spam and dumasses fix it