• People who take part in sports must be in condition.

    If our bodies are not strong, our spirit to do things will certainly be quite dull. And at the same time, we are lack of energy to study. Diseases will only attack the weak, but not the strong.
    Why are our bodies not strong? Because we do not pay attention to exercise. For this reason, we students must often take different kinds of exercise in the gym.
    Exercise helps us to strengthen our bodies and avoid disease. It also teaches us cooperation, for most exercise is played by team.

  • Yes, children should learn to use their bodies well

    Just as school teaches and encourages the young to use their minds to best
    advantage, so it should teach and encourage them to use their bodies well.
    Just as youthful minds should not be left in slothful ignorance, so young bodies
    should not be left to grow weak and flabby. Physical education can show children
    and youths how to use their muscles and sinews, and the knowledge will serve
    them throughout life.

  • Physical education classes should be compulsory.

    Physical education classes should be compulsory, and they should be held for an hour each and every day, instead of 2 or 3 times per week. A long with a healthier lunch menu, this would go a long way in maintaining the health of our children and reducing early-onset diseases.

  • fitness is great

    I think that this would help a lot with the ever growing obesity problem that this country is facing. The kids across the US need to learn how to exercise and be healthy, so that they can start making good decisions and aim to a long, healthy, and fit life.

  • Phys ed should be dropped.

    Physical education classes should not be compulsory in America every year until pupils graduate from high school. Students should not have to focus on exercise in schools when there is so much academic learning to do. Children can exercise at home and after school in playgrounds. There is no need to take away from learning time with games.

  • Exposure to fitness is good. Forcing fitness is bad.

    Fitness is something that every human should be exposed to. Our experience with fitness starts during times that we don't even recognize it as fitness. Games like tag, kickball, and hopscotch are just fun when we are very young. As the body matures, some people get better at fitness, and some do not. Extra-curricular sports allow for high school kids to continue their fitness goals. School at that level should be for expanding the mind. The PE budget for HS students would be better spent in the music department

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