• You shouldn't force students to do sports

    Now, I get that physical activity is good. But the way PE is, It's not good. It forces us students to play sports that we sometimes don't like and if we don't play, We fail. I am lucky enough to have a teacher that only wants you to participate, So as long as you try, You will pass. But not everyone has a teacher like this. And it's humiliating for students that are bad in sports. I mean, We should be able to play whatever we want.

  • PE should be optional

    Well, For starters, PE causes a lot of stress towards students. They need to be able to play numerous sports well, Be able to run a certain distance in a certain time, Be able to do a certain amount of exercises, Etc. . If they don’t, They get a bad grade. Why? Most of these kids do not want to play sports professionally in the future. Only around 2% of students end up playing sports professionally. Sure, PE can help students stay active and healthy, But what good is that if PE makes them incredibly DISLIKE these activities? They likely wouldn’t choose to partake in these activities/change their lifestyle if what they associate it with is the horror of PE. If you wanted kids to stay healthy and change their lifestyle in a better way, Forcing them to do something that they dislike and makes them feel uncomfortable is not the way to go.
    From my own experience, I can say that PE does not have me wanting to exercise at home or eat better. If anything, It’s making me avoid exercise, And my nutrition isn’t changing. I’m not fat, But I’m also not one that gets hyped for exercise. I eat a decent amount of healthy foods, But I also indulge in junk foods when I want. PE has changed nothing for me in my life, Other than making me dislike it and it’s aspects. My PE teacher also contributed to that, Thinking that if by repeatedly asking and bugging me about why I have all A’s in my other classes, Yet a B in his, Was going to make me put more effort in to his class. If anything, It just made me dislike it more and more, And had me on the edge of deciding to put less effort in.
    All in all, I strongly believe that PE should be optional. Ive asked a handful of people (adults) if PE caused them to change their lifestyle and be healthier, And all of them answered no.
    Even though I believe PE should be optional, I do believe students (and people in general) should at least try to exercise in a way that is fun for them, As it is very beneficial and is a good thing to do. You can play tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Kickball, Race, Etc. , But instead of having someone control you and try to break you as if they’re “pushing you to your limits”, Do it on your own terms. Have fun. Since I was very little, I loved soccer and tennis, And I’ve always kept on playing for my own fun, And that alone made me push myself to learn more tricks and improve. You don’t need PE. A majority of people are better off without it.
    Anonymous Student

  • The Teachers View

    Teachers do not like when we trek into the classroom with our muddy cleats or other sports equipment. Are grades are just based on getting to class on time. Some situations are unfair. For instance, Sometimes we make a small mistake and get punished severly by not getting to play in the next game. We also are just 4th 5th 6th graders and are 9 -12 years old. We are forced to spend our lunch break stressing about changing for PE at lunch.
    A Student

  • PE is to much stress

    Not all people should be forced to play sports that they are not good at or don’t feel comfortable
    The PE classes can cause tons of injuries.
    Other sports after school with our school games and homework is too much!
    If you don’t want to do a sport you shouldn’t be forced to.

  • I don't enjoy the sports they grade me on.

    I don't enjoy sports in general. Yet they force me to learn how to play volleyball, Basketball, And kickball when they won't help me in the future. I don't want to go into professional sports so why are they treating me like its my only option. I have to be good at them though or else i´ll fail the class. My grades shouldnt depend on sports.

  • YES, Hi i hate pe

    P. E. Causes stress and makes people insecure and they shouldn't force kids to run when they don't want to and when they do they have to run under a specific amount of time and if they don't then they will get a bad grade. Thank you and good night. Jbfvj

  • It's a waste of time money and our energy.

    I am a middle schooler who takes PE zero period so I can take two electives. Half the time I don't even change out because I don't think PE is important. When I am older I have thought about playing basketball or soccer. How does PE help with this? Most people will say it does but it doesn't. In middle school we get two weeks per sport. One week is all instructions. The second week we only get 4 days to play because we have to run the mile or cross country. One day during the week all periods are shorter. When we do feel like trying I end up being really tired the rest of the day and feel tired and like I can't foucs in class. How is this problem?

  • PE causes stress.

    PE is a main cause of stress among students. If they are not athletic, They are felt left out. I think that schools should encourage physical exercise instead of forcing them to do it for 50 minutes a day. PE is also a big cause for injury. Students will feel left out and worthless.

  • We need Options

    Just screw P E come on! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LO LOLL OL OLLOLOOL olo l l ol o l ol ol ol o lo ol o lo l o lo l o ol ol o l ol o lo l ol o l ol o lo l ol o l

  • P. E. Should be optional

    Growing up as a kid P. E. Was horrible to lessons where you hated what you were doing, As well as this the teachers were never involved in the lessons they just told us what to do and stood talking on the sidelines. If P. E. Is essential then why do the teachers stand there they got a degree to teach us why aren’t they doing it to? In the other lessons the teachers would do the work too. There are many students that fear P. E. They have days off just to miss that subject, This then causes them to miss other lessons that are essential to their future.

  • Kids Need to Exercise

    I believe that every student should at least have one period of exercise. This can be swimming, tennis, even yoga. Why? Well, exercise helps not only physical health, but also mental health. This includes depression in students, happiness, and focus in school. With required exercise, this helps students have a good physical and mental health.
    A student

  • No,, physical education courses play an important in the health of students.

    No, physical education courses should not be optional, It is my belief that children in today's society spend too much time watching television and playing video games. Physical education courses emphasize the importance of exercise and taking part in active sports and games. Physical education courses can install good habits and help prevent obesity in students.

  • No, kids need athletics.

    The body and the mind work together in a healthy life, so we need to provide for both of them in a good course of study. There should be some level of physical education class in every school because it provides for fun as well as development of the physical skills.

  • Not In Public Schools

    As far as public schools (elementary, middle, and high schools) I do not feel that physical education should be optional. For many children this is their only source of physical education and it can help them later on in life. It teaches children about sports and proper ways to exercise.

  • P. E. Is good for your heart

    Kids aren't compelled to do much physical activity with todays society with video game, And programs that can provide entertainment for an untold amount of time. So if we did not have p. E most kids would probably get little to no exercise because of the entertainment they have on technology.

  • Physical Education is a must

    Physical education helps us children to become healthier in physical knowledge and physical strength. It should be mandatory to all kids that go to school. After all, Physical Education will have a benefit to our health and ourselves as it is usually filled with many fun activities. Go Physical Ed! Yes!

  • U get fat

    In my research over the past few seconds i have found out that if you do not take any physical education classes you will more than likely get fat especially after eating all of those little debbie snack cakes so in conclusion take pe or else u finna get fat

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  • Kids Are Getting Obesity

    Kids these days get little to no exercise which is at school during P. E. Most of the kids go home watch TV, Play Video games, And just do nothing. Most kids are lazy and don't take care of their chores getting them into trouble. Some kids don't even know how to throw a football but they no all the secrets or hacks to a game these kids or this generation needs to get their priorities straight. Go out side socialize and make real friends. That's why i believe P. E should be mandatory plus you learn to work together when doing team activities and make more friends the right way and get that Daily exercise in

  • It should be NOT be optional

    Y'all just lazy, Stop being obese and exercise, Noobs. Exercise helps with many things and doesn't have any negative effects. The people who say that it should be optional are people who sit on their couch all day and watch tv, Being fat for no reason.

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