• Mental health and self esteem issues.

    In my time at school i was not the most sporty person and i was a one trick pony in most sport, This immediately made it obvious to the other members of my teams that i should be put in the place i do worst on so they have a reason to yell at me, Even though they have seen that i can play alright in one position. This left me rewording my P. E lessons into "yell at me for an hour" this brought my self esteem crashing down, On top of my existing anxiety and depression, By thee first term of my last year of school, I was nearing suicidal. So in order to save much pain and self hatred i thing p. E should not be mandatory so the students in their final year where every second of revision counts can do something actually productive

  • Not compulsory!

    Students taking IGCSE exams are 16+ years which is already a mature age to develop your own opinions about things you do. For example, Students might not want to do sport or don't like it either way, They are not to be forced to do PE in IGCSE! !

  • Too embarrassing for chubby pupils

    Not every child is athletic. Girls in particular are embarrassed especially if they are overweight or obese and are frequently bullied even picked on by PE teachers. Compulsory PE makes children more likely to truant and dread going to school. Children should be able to decide on how much or how little exercise they need. The time could be better used studying perhaps another subject like a foreign language.

  • It should be optional

    I think pe should be optional because some people can't work to the athletic standards that somebody who actually wanted to do it can. Motivation is key and without it there's not much point in forcing somebody to do it because it's not going to achieve anything, You're not achieving anything by forcing people into it and it's only going to give you more of a hard time as well as them. When it comes to pe classes and sporty kids many kids can make fun of the unmotivated/people who don't want to and can't do what they can do. It's not even about weight sometimes. I hate pe and can't do it and my weight is perfectly fine and I stay healthy in other ways. I think it should be an option.

  • It should be optional!

    Does not relieve stress, More injuries, Feel left out because sometimes there are teams and leaders choose who they want for their group and bad athletes will feel left out! Sports is bad! Bad bad terrible and horrendous sports! I hate sports! I simply hate it! And some others hate it as well!

  • Duh, PE should be optional.

    For a lot of people, PE can be fun and a stress reliever. For others? They fail classes because they need extra help or it stresses them or they even get bullied because of things that happen inside the gym. It's also unneeded - if the children were interested in exercise, They would find a way to do it. A run, A bike ride, A walk. It's not a book study; it may help us later in life, But if it's our choice to take classes like music and art, PE should abide by the same rules. They are both in the same categories as types of classes. It's also an inconvenience for students when they have to change out, Exercise, Sometimes take a shower, Change out again, And make a hike to their lockers and then their classes all in the span of five minutes. "They need to learn sports" is not a valid enough argument for something they should be able to choose to do or not, Because if they wanted to know these sports, They would make it known.

  • It won't exactly help us in life.

    I mean come on, when are we ever going to need this in our lives? Only if we're running away from someone, but the adrenaline is what makes us run faster. I don't feel like we should be forced to run and we just fail class. Also, teachers are yelling at us for not being good at a sport we might not have ever played before. This is school we're talking about we're supposed to learn about things that will benefit us in our lives later on. For example, I plan to be an actress and I'm not that much of a runner unless it's going to change my life in a big way. Maybe if we add a few classes in which we can learn more about what we want to do in life we may actually learn. I see some people are saying that learning about the human body is important in P.E., we already learn about that crap in Science, idiots and we should be able to exercise on our own and if we get fat and die at an early age? That's our problem not the schools. Thank you.

  • Make physical education optional.

    Not all students are physically or mentally capable of completing the activities required of them, resulting in an undeserved low grade. Also, for some students physical education does not help their academic future, and there are already too many required classes that students have to take. Make physical education optional and they can choose a career path based class of their choosing.

  • It should be optional!

    Students can fall behind on their school work, which should always be a priority before sports. Some kids have bad memories tied to certain sports, like their loved one breaking a bone. Some pupils are disabled so they can't play sports. Some people aren't allowed to play sports so they can't. The school will have to make exceptions, and then everybody else will feel like they're being treated unfairly.

  • PE courses should be optional.

    Sports can distract certain students of the school from their important schoolwork, which should be their priority. Many students have bad memories attached to sports that they don't want to relive, like a loved one breaking a bone. Some students are disabled, so they can't play. A lot of pupils aren't allowed to play sports, but if you make an exception for one person the rest will feel that this is unfair.

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  • Kids Need to Exercise

    I believe that every student should at least have one period of exercise. This can be swimming, tennis, even yoga. Why? Well, exercise helps not only physical health, but also mental health. This includes depression in students, happiness, and focus in school. With required exercise, this helps students have a good physical and mental health.
    A student

  • No,, physical education courses play an important in the health of students.

    No, physical education courses should not be optional, It is my belief that children in today's society spend too much time watching television and playing video games. Physical education courses emphasize the importance of exercise and taking part in active sports and games. Physical education courses can install good habits and help prevent obesity in students.

  • No, kids need athletics.

    The body and the mind work together in a healthy life, so we need to provide for both of them in a good course of study. There should be some level of physical education class in every school because it provides for fun as well as development of the physical skills.

  • Not In Public Schools

    As far as public schools (elementary, middle, and high schools) I do not feel that physical education should be optional. For many children this is their only source of physical education and it can help them later on in life. It teaches children about sports and proper ways to exercise.

  • Not Fun or Effective

    I have been researching this topic for a school project, and have read articles stating that in a 45 minute period, students are only "truly exercising (breaking a sweat)" for about 6 minutes.
    Also, I have issues with catching and throwing, which I have had for years. PE is not a form of stress relief for me, it increases my stress and makes me wish I had a study hall instead to work on my incredible load of homework. A study hall would actually relieve stress and get me some free time at home.
    In addition, I am a martial artist who is testing for their black belt soon. I would prefer to not to have my energy wasted on things that do not apply to me or help me train.
    In addition, in my school, there are 2 types of people in gym, people who want to be there and people like me who just want to pass. If gym was optional, the kids who actually wanted to be there could be surrounded by more people like them.

  • PE should NOT be optional

    Learning about physical health and the human body is important to everyone, and should be common knowledge. Making it optional would create a lack of knowledge about being healthy, and having a healthy lifestyle. Learning about health and exercise is necessary, showing that physical education should not be an optional course.

  • Just One Hour

    The Institute of medicine recommends just one hour of physical activity a day. Most kids aren't even getting close to that. If there is no gym some children will not have the opportunity to exercise, because they cant do exercise at home. If there is required gym classes each kid can hopefully get 1 hour or more of activity a day.

  • School physical education shouldn't be optional

    Everyone's physical fitness such as muscle indurance ,heart indurance, muscular strength are very important for their health. First, motor skills just like running, object control are basic survival skills.Second,teenager obesity rate in US is high,so the more obese they are,the more unhealthy they are,many of child that dont join physical education is too high in body fat ratio.Third,the push up,pull up is the great testing of a student's muscular strength compare to their body weight.Long run represent student's cardiac indurance,muscular indurance .The more obese the student,the more they need to exercise although the intense of exercise is low just like walking.Finally, WHO had concured this suggestion:"Exercise is medicine." thats why i think school physical education should not be optional.

  • No, PE lessons are needed in the school

    PE lessons are essential for the education of youth people. PE is not only about exercise, it teach a lot of values in a different way. In PE lessons you learn how to cooperate with others and at the same time how to be competitive in a good way. Students also have a great chance to socialize with others doing healthy activities. And of course it is essential subject in order to promote good habits. I think that we need more hours of PE and qualified teachers that are able to transmit the values of this wonderful subject

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