Should Physical Education games be changed so girls get extra points, only wear one flag, and have numerous other advantages?

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  • What's the point?

    Girls shouldn't need special treatment just for being a girl. Society thinks that girls aren't as strong as boys are. I take the position that girls shouldn't be given extra points. It's completely unfair. Newsflash to society!!! Girls are very strong! (This is also my personal opinion due to me being a girl) Has anyone else seen the way girls are treated? Do you see how one other student in your class is being favored over the other?

  • No, physical education should not be changed.

    Physical education needs to remain fair in its sports. Changing the rules to give advantages to girls will teach them that they are not equal to boys. This is not a good image of equal rights to send to impressionable young females. They should play by the same rules as boys.

  • No they shouldn't

    There are numerous reasons why this should not be allowed. First, in art, boys aren't given an easier time because boys don't tend to be as good at art. Second, there are so many advantages that girls are getting in this argument that it is saying that they are many times worse. This does not motivate them to try harder. Overall, girls should not be given advantages in Physical Education.

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