Should Physical Education in schools be compulsory?

  • A fully-rounded education should include all subjects.

    A good curriculum must be rounded, and it must encompass all subject matters. Quite often, school boards and lawmakers become short-sighted on just math or language skills, and other subjects suffer. This leads to a less educated population. Most of this problem also stems from an ill-informed focus on raising standardized test scores.

    Posted by: MarriedRudy
  • P.E. should be mandatory.

    Physical Education might not be exactly what you want to spend you time doing, but America doesn't need a bunch of lazy people taking over the next generation. It's so much more than just kicking a ball or doing a push up. It's learning how to stay active on your own, so that when you are at home eating Doritos and watching TV, you could instead stay active and do push ups during the commercial breaks, or not even watch TV at all. Anyone who thinks that gym class should not be required is going to die of cancer or obesity.

  • Physical education is Education and thus, must be compulsory.

    Wow! I can't believe the amount of negativity towards PE. I am buy no means a sports fan and I do not believe in paying professional athletes those ridiculous salaries for throwing a ball. The reality is that sports does teach teamwork and Americas children are overweight and lazy. The individuals that say no to PE must not be worried to much about their children's health. Sorry, but look at the statistics on childhood obesity and then tell me PE does not promote health.

  • Definitely, it is important to do exercise and there is no excuse for people who are just not bothered.

    PE is extremely important for your health and shape because if from a young age you become obese it is hard to regain fitness if you have never learned it at school and PE helps teachers monitor how you are doing and if you need help at things like running. I am 11 now I enjoy PE thoroughly and without it life would be boring and all I would do at school is study. I am a sports fan and look at the average weight in an american school and then in and UK one. The results are embarrassing. Tell me that not having PE will help children loose weight, you can't because it would be lying. There is no excuse for people who are just not bothered!

  • Sports help in Disaster Management too.

    Along with health, sports also help in disaster management. Today millions of schools are trying their level best for training their students in disaster management but if we give a look at sports we'll find lots of ways to help us in that aspect. Such as through swimming a child would help himself/herself during floods and the list goes on. So, why not make it compulsory for the betterment for people in such an important issue?

  • Yes

    1 in 3 kids in America are overweight or obese because they never learned the proper fitness techniques and activities. They are not supported enough and shown creative new ways to get active. Gym class doesn't have to be embarrassing, but rather a fun way to learn ways to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

  • Yes

    Make it mandatory for them to do so because if you do, you will see the rise of more healthier children and the drop of children obesity. Children have to be pushed to do this because will not be motivated to take action on their own. They need to be able to learn how to exercise, write and eat healthy.

  • yes

    I think that it should be required. That way students can get the 1 hour of physical activity they need a day. That is the bear minimum people really need more than that. Physical activity is also proven to help the brain function better. So when your kid is done with physical education he can focus a little better.

  • Yeah

    Gym should be mandatory because the obesity levels will go down. There will be way more healthier kids. Kids will be more alert, and aware of what will be going on, because of this grades will be higher. There will be less drug use, so that will help kids a lot with school, and after school. Even if gym isn't mandatory, kids should still take gym because its the right choice, the healthy choice.

  • Because it keeps us us feet.

    Because when we will fit then only we can concentrate in our studies more .So we should introduce these things in schools. Physical education are very important for a student as it makes our mind fresh and also helps in our all round development.When we will take parts p.E then only we would live a healthy life.

  • Thumbs down for PE.

    Now hear me, and hear me well. Believe it or not, there are actually kids out there who care about learning and couldn't care less about sports. These people are not jarheads who just play basketball or whatnot and care nothing about their minds. These people are looking forward to a nice future. But anyway, PE just takes away an hour of learning time for some pointless measure of a students ability to catch a ball. Will one hour of PE really change a kids life? I think not. Sure, activity is good for preventing obesity, but would one hour of a couple days really affect a kid? Besides, if kids perform poorly in the class, then the popular clique will just have another opportunity to bully a helpless child. If I student can't run a mile in five minutes, is that really so bad? I mean, PE can just embarrass a student and ruin his self esteem. I'm not saying we should ban PE. Let the jarheads have their fun. But make it optional. Make it so that students can choose between PE or a helpful class like biology or social studies or even art. Believe it or not, there are more important things than sports.

  • It's a complete waste of time.

    NO, with capitals. Do tell me the part where kicking around a ball for an hour is ever going to help me out for my future career. I go to school to learn not to do some unnecessary, irrelevant sport that I couldn't care less about. I see a lot of people on here saying how obesity is high and how P.E will prevent that. Now let me tell you why you are wrong!

    1. Why should the minority of fat kids who don't have a brain cell to understand obesity will lead to an early death, why because of them should people like me be forced to do such sport.

    2. And, now lets turn that argument around; In a time where the government is trying to improve school children academically, why then should P.E still be on the curriculum?

    Fair enough, if someone does like sport and wants to peruse a career in that direction they can take P.E on additionally but why should I be forced to do so as well. Especially in high schools where exams are getting closer, pupils should focus on getting grades that will actually mean something in their lives. P.E should be one of those subjects dropped at year 9, like Art, music, French and so on. Why is P.E anymore important than those subjects.

    I class P.E as on of those specialist subjects which have low impact on future life and hence should be dropped. I could just give reasons why for example, French should be compulsory, just like any of you think P.E should be compulsory.

    As said before, I wouldn't like to ban P.E completely but just make it optionally for those who do enjoy it and it will benefit them.

    We don't live in an era where we should be forcing people to do such physical labor and getting nothing for it. ITS Slavery! This medieval form of torture should be put to a stop.

  • No

    In schools PE doesn't really do anything. It publicly embarrasses and humiliates kids who don't really like sports and kids are often graded for what they can or can't do. If I can't run a mile in 5 minutes why should I be punished? If I plan to became a scientist or an artist someday how will this class help me? PE should be optional for anyone who wants to pursue a career in sports. If I want to became a scientist or an artist why am I not allowed to take extra science or art classes to work towards my career goals.

  • No

    Why should children have to do something they might not enjoy/be comfortable with? When they get to choose their options they should be allowed to drop PE if they want to. If they make it compulsory then kids are going to make excuses to get out of it anyway (I should know, I do it all the time) so they should be able to have the choice.

  • Students should be able to exercise on their own for at least an hour each day

    Children all across America should be able to exercise at least an hour a day by going outside or playing a sport outside of school. These kids should stop eating so much McDonald's and start eating salad. Parents are just as responsible as the overweight kids because they should encourage healthy living and eating habits. Exercising should be able to be optional for school but mandatory outside of school.

  • Leads to a happier life.

    Unfortunately, in today's world of technology that makes us lazy - taking care of yourself must be taught. The latest fads and gadgets make it easier and easier for people to be extremely lazy and not get much exercise during their lifetimes (depending on the career). If children don't learn to take care of themselves in school, they may not make an effort to do it themselves. Being physically healthy is an essential key to happiness and should absolutely be taught, just like home economics and computer science.

  • P.E. should not be a subject you have to take!

    I think that P.E. is a subject designed to humiliate the non-sporty kids. Fair enough, if someone wants to go to a fitness club or something during break time or lunch then that's their choice, but we should NOT be made to do something we do not wish to.

    My P.E. teacher is great, polite, enthusiastic, and I do enjoy her company but do not enjoy actually doing the set task. For example we had to run 600 meters last week, for non sporty kids it was murder, and I have asthma.

    Also, the dreaded (dun dun dun) ............... CHANGING ROOMS!!!!!!!

    I think this is the most awkward stage of gym. I mean you're afraid to look up incase someone calls you a nosy perv.

    Many people in my class, do not know how to use a ruler, but they can throw a cricket ball.

    On a similar note, we can all jump up and down like some brainless bimbo, but how many people have heard of punctuation and grammar?

    (PS. I'm in P6, Scotland)

  • Lowers self esteem

    In my opinion, the amount of exercise that we get done in PE is very low even with daily classes. Also, I'm not very coordinated and often get laughed or yelled at because I'm not very good at sports at all. I'm not over/underweight or disabled, but I agree that it usually just discourages people from enjoying sports and can lead to discrimination. I think PE should be an optional course, or changed to focus on fitness instead of how well you can play a sport. I've cried because PE lowers my self esteem so much. It's not fun, it depresses me.

  • Only For Some Kids

    Not everybody is the same or has the same needs. A more thorough evaluation of each and every child should be undertaken to figure out what is the best form of education for them. Some of the benefits that the majority of kids get from p.E. Might not be universal, there may be minorities of kids who don't get the same benefits out of it.

  • PE serves no place in an academic institution

    Academic facilities' primary goal is to create young adults who have the intellectual capacity to serve a meaningful place in today's society. PE works directly against this goal. Taking physical education neither creates a physically active or intellectually capable individual. Despite 95.2% of all high schools in the US requiring students to take physical education, America still has the 6th highest obesity rates in the world. PE is clearly not working.

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Anonymous says2013-05-01T05:27:27.403
Ya its good one
Anonymous says2013-05-22T10:51:07.187
Physical education is good for us as students because we spend much of our time indoors and that increases the rate of obesity..So i think PE should be compulsory so that we relax our mind a bit and we focus a bit on healthy lifestyle...Also a good thing about PE we socialize and enjoy our selves with our peer and have a bit of fun..So thumbs up to PE...
Anonymous says2013-05-23T23:52:30.633
When I was in school(1960's) boys had their pe class & girls had their pe class.I never agreed with putting girls and boys together, Let alone doing away with pe all together. Physical fitness means better mental fitness, Mental fitness will teach to appreciate physical fitness. PE is part of our childrens important education, that prepares them for the real world.Keep it in our childrens lives, please!
Anonymous says2013-05-29T14:30:59.663
Physical education is very vital for our development.It is so much more than just activities. It helps us children to stay focus, develop motor skills and stay healthy. P.E IS A MUST
Anonymous says2013-07-14T06:22:52.130
Its fun