Should physical force be used to punish criminals?

  • Definitely yes indeed...

    There will arise a situation when police or any administrative power to use physical force to control the mob or any crisis situation...
    At time the crowd may become more violent or aggressive..
    At that time, yo cannot simply stand still...
    To control the situation, you have to use physical force..

  • It depends on what we're talking about here

    And the question doesn't leave it clear. I am ALL for force when confronting a criminal who intends to do bodily harm to another person at the time of the offense, be it with stand your ground laws, or basic self defense.

    After the criminal is incarcerated however, no, there is no further need for physical violence.

  • No of course not!

    I suppose I can understand how you might need to use physical force to get the criminals into captivity, but after the criminals are contained, there is no need for physical force! Why would we want that? Just being in jail is punishment enough, why beat down a fallen man?

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themohawkninja says2013-10-17T00:24:30.183
Only if physical force was used in the crime.