Should physically assaulting people who mentally harassed you be considered reasonable(legal)

Asked by: Ritik33jain
  • Mental harassment can be just as painful as physical harassment

    If somebody mentally harassed you and you can't do anything against to stop them or harass them back (mentally) ..Shouldn't you have the right to hit them back to a reasonable amount(if you can)
    I mean In the eyes of law shouldn't I at least be given a chance to explain my reason for physically harassing someone?
    Somebody harassed me mentally without any fault of my own and I fought back(physically) so that he would stop..Why am I still the only bad guy in the eyes of law?! Shouldn't he be considered equally(if not more)liable too?
    Why Shouldn't fighting someone back (physically)who harassed me(mentally) just to get some giggles be considered reAsonable to the extent of mental assault?

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