Should physician-assisted suicide be legal in America?

  • Is it fair to keep someone in pain?

    Is it fair to keep people alive and in pain then to kill them the safe way and end their life of pain? I think not. This is because if they have a sickness ad are about to die in like months and they are in pain is it fair to keep them alive? No it is not.

  • Yes it should

    I do think that physician assisted suicide should be legal in America. I think that if a person really wants to die, then that is their choice and if it is physician assisted, then that helps the death be more civil and easy. It might even allow people to think more about the choice to kill themselves.

  • Yes it should.

    Physician-assisted suicide should be legal in America as long as it is done properly. I am not sure what checks they have in place to assure that the patient is sound enough to make the decision and really wants to do it, but I am sure there is something. It is an individuals right to choose how they die.

  • Yes it should be allowed in America

    Yes physician assisted suicide should be legal in America. If a person is dying anyway and is in pain they should be allowed to choose. This should be closely monitored to make sure that the power is not abused but it should be allowed in certain circumstances. The major issue is finding a way to make sure it is kept in check.

  • Yes, we should have that right.

    We do not let our pets suffer when they are very old and sick. So we should not let each other suffer that way either. If someone has a diagnosis that means there is going to be no quality of life, there should be a simple process for approving a doctor to assist with suicide.

  • Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

    Yes physician assisted suicide should be legal but it should also be very carefully monitored. There should only be special cases where the issue is even considered and then if it is it should be carefully monitored to make sure it is right and carried out correctly. Without the scrutiny it will be too rampant and detrimental.

  • Physician-assisted Suicide Should be Legal

    Physician-assisted suicide should be legal for the following reasons: Ultimately, humans should be able to determine how and when to end their lives. Allowing physician-assisted suicide would ensure that suicide would be safe, painless and effective. It would also mitigate the effects on the friends and relatives of suicides, who would no longer have the burden of discovering their loved ones' bodies hanging in the garage, or lying in bed with their heads blown off, etc. Rather, the suicide would simply check himself into a hospital and be administered a lethal dose of drugs. (Depending on the particulars of the law, one could also take the drugs at home in a safe and controlled environment.)

  • Im not sure

    I do not wish for anyone to be in pain, and doctors are smarter than i will ever be. However, they are wrong sometimes. Sure their family can never take their pain away, but their family will always have that "what if" what if the doctor was wrong... What if they could still be alive. If they say they are going to die anyway ...Well of course... So am i...Everyone is. There is no absolute guarantee that it will be anytime soon. You never know when a medicine will be invented. Make the best of your life and do not waste a second of it or cut it short :)

  • The Hippocratic Oath violated.

    First of all, what is the Hippocratic Oath? Every doctor is sworn to this oath stating, " I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will i make a suggestion to this effect." Also what is the definition of a doctor? The definition of a doctor is " to treat someone medically." A doctors job is to care for the ill and the suffering individuals. Also let me ask you something? The way we execute organisms just because we have the power to and animals cant speak for themselves, will killing our kind satisfy our own needs just to save money? Besides we are all mammals and apart of the food chain and animals.

  • No, it is dangerous.

    No, physician-assisted suicide should not be legal in America, because there are too many doctors who would take advantage of it and get rid of undesirables. Doctors would probably be given incentives, through Obamacare, to encourage people who need costly health care to decide to end their lives. This is not health care, it is murder.

  • Patients often do not understand what is in their best interest.

    Depression: According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, or the AFSP, patients who desire an early death during terminal illness most commonly suffer from a treatable depressive condition. When patients are treated for depression and provided with good hospice or palliative care, they do not wish to end their lives.

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