• Yes!!!!!!!! More options available.

    People should be allowed to choose if they want to die as opposed to struggle with a terminal illness. Legalizing it doesn't hurt anyone else, so why not? It just gives a patient more choices. Most people who say no probably don't know anything about it and just think of it as murder. You know what's murder? Abortion. So why is that legal?

  • How can you argue against it?

    Take this scenario: Your father is dying of a wasting disease, which he will die of eventually, and is in extreme pain. Should he have to endure it until his demise?
    If your answer is yes, you're very sick indeed.

    I am completely for euthanasia, In a safe and controlled environment. If you wish to die, that should be your right. Take my scenario - if the father is able to say the words 'I want to die', and is in a stable state of mind... Satisfy his wishes. Do not condemn him to his low quality remaining life.

    Clearly though, I am one for putting regulations on the concept. It is not so justifiable if you can simply go to a doctor, in perfect health, and ask to be put to death.

  • Of course NOT

    Of course it shouldn't be. I think people are going crazy nowadays. I am noticing how many people really need Jesus in their lives. Killing is a bad thing. It's a sin. You don't have complete power over you own body and you should treat it with respect. Saying America is just "bad" is an understatement. With abortion, gay rights, and now assisted suicide???? They clearly don't want us to procreate.

    -God Bless you and you family

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