Should Physics be a required course in high school?

Asked by: moneystacker
  • Physics helps create a better understanding of the world around us.

    I am currently taking Physics with an awesome professor, and I must say it has taught me more about the world around me than anything else has. EVERY FIELD uses some form of physics, whether you realize it or not! Though you may work with problems that will never actually happen in real life (Jack has a boulder tied to his feet that weighs 100kg...), you will learn how to apply those formulas and basic math skills to everyday life.

  • Physics involves a lot of common sense.

    Since basic physic include a lot of knowledge every educated person. Take electric for instance, it will be dangerous for a person without any electrical information to change the broken lamb. And people can select better refrigerator if they know what is watts, or else it could possibly extend the limitation of watts in the house.

  • Any cars where you live?

    I frequently see people cross streets or push a stroller in front of them with oncoming traffic too close. A basic understanding of just what is involved in a ton and half or two tons of steel and plastic moving at 25, 35, 45, or more MPH coming to a stop would surely help reduce the risks pedestrians take. I also see too many drivers going to fast for conditions and/or tailgating. Again, a basic understanding of the physics involved would help fix in the drivers' minds just exactly what they are risking with such dangerous behavior.

  • Physics isn't needed

    Since Physics isn't needed in college unless you are trying to be a doctor or something in the health field or some science related field it should be required. I belive that it doesn't benifit enough job options to be required, kind of like astronomy which only benifits astronomers. Ye

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