• Trolololol troll troll

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  • Get a Job

    Fuck you all. Get a life. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff uuuuuuuuuuuuu cccccccccc kkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy o o o o o o o o ou u u u u u u u u u u a a a a a a a a a a al l l l l l l l l l

  • No, because we use Pi in scientific cases

    Physicists, engineers, statisticians use the Pi and usually 5 digits is more than enough because it allows them to get on with the rest of what they're doing plus sometimes one decimal let the formula or the structure change so what about rounding up the 5 decimal digits it will be a disaster

  • Pi is not to be rounded up

    The mathematical term pi should not be rounded up. It is an endless number, starting with 3.1415. Rounding this to 3.1416 would not be mathematically correct, and would not be in the spirit of the number or concept. It would also create confusion and cause people to make mistakes. Many celebrate by offering special prices corresponding to the right number.

  • The Hunt is On For Pi

    The diameter, the distance around and the totality of the vision remains a factor. It seems that being an anomaly has been working for a lot of time. And, like most subjects detractors have been busy but pi is still as it is, so my dissent is fully grounded. Alas, that moment of eureka may evolve in this generation, but in the meanwhile keep hunting.

  • Leave PI alone

    PI is a mathematical equation that has been used for decades. It is used by professionals and even students learning mathematics to help them solve problems in textbooks and in the real world. There is no reason why now it should be altered. It has worked fine as it is for decades and does not need to be changed.

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