• Bilingualism is the best move for Canada.

    Pierre Trudeau should have pushed for official bilingualism in Canada. There are so many French people, whose ancestors immigrated there legally, and have historically culturally had a strong presence, that having French as a national language only makes sense. To not have this language as a legalized standard would be genocidal to French Canadians.

  • Horrible idea..Worst thing ever

    By pushing for official bilingualism, this makes quebec feel even more special and they think that they are better than the other provinces. Now Quebec gets whatever they want from the government because if they don`t, they could threaten to pull out of Canada. Outside of Quebec, most people don`t speak french, so what is the use of billingualism? Why should we bend to Quebec`s ways? All the other provinces feel like Quebec is getting special treatment from this issue.

  • English/French Fine As Is

    I do not believe Pierre Trudeau should have pushed for official bilingualism in Canada. Canada does have Providences that are heavily French, but that does not speak for the nation as a whole. English is far more common in the country and should be considered the main language. This would be comparable to American adopting the same stance but having Spanish and English.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Pierre Trudeau should not have pushed for official bilingualism in Canada. There isn't enough French speakers to make it official, and there's no need to make a language official anyway. It isn't like it will change anything. And what if they one day get mass immigration from elsewhere? Will it be time to make 3 languages official?

  • No, Pierre Trudeau should not have pushed for official bilingualism.

    Although French is spoken heavily in Quebec and is their official language, the rest of Canada operates largely in English. It was more appropriate for Pierre Trudeau to encourage bilingualism than to declare it officially given the much smaller percentage of French-speaking Canadians throughout the rest of the provinces in the country.

  • American and French

    Yes, I do think that this would have been a good thing for Canada to do. They could have made their people learn to speak English, and French, because they have a prominent population of each in their country already. It is always good to know a second language to speak.

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