• Stinkable.

    It's obvious that it could happen, being mean to somebody doesn't get you kicked out of the country, but it brings to the attention of everyone that this fellow is just a jerk. Maybe someone at the INS will look a little closer at his file. Maybe they'll "discover" some impropriety and send that fool back home.

  • I don't want him back in Britain.

    Please keep him America. :)

    Oh, and it's his in his rights and everything. He isn't a public threat, just a nuisance. You can't just ship everybody you don't like out of the country- sorry, but you have to learn to put up with them.

    Anyway, it would never happen.

  • Nope

    While Piers Morgan does jump on the bandwagon somewhat, and is insufferably arrogant, it's ridiculous to want to deport him. Especially when he is discussing an important issue (albeit badly), this just seems like an overreaction to an unpopular opinion among the right in America. There are far worse people that need deporting in any case.

  • Sadly no

    Wish we could deport him, but he committed no crime. If we had to deport him for that I know plenty of people who would deserve to be deported. You could start with our president. But in that case liens does not get you deported, neither does messing with the constitution and our rights to not have to buy something the government is selling (Obamacare).

  • Rights.

    Piers Morgan should not be deported for obvious reasons. The first is that the deportation would be unconstitutional because all he did was exercise freedom of speech. The only way that would be constitutional is if the government based its sole gun control decision on the view point of Piers Morgan, which of course is not going to happen. Although he is not a U.S. citizen, he has the same rights because all humans that set foot on American soil have the rights of the Constitution.

  • Laughable

    It's obviously not going to happen, being mean to somebody doesn't get you kicked out of the country. The White House was forced to acknowledge it due to the number of signatures and basically said "hey people defending the second amendment, ever heard of the first" and it's not going anywhere, nor should it.

  • No, he should not be deported!

    I believe the first amendment applies to United States citizens. Since I do not know his citizenship status, I do not believe that he should be deported because of his opinion on gun control! If he is an illegal alien, I do believe we should deport anyone who enters this country illegally!

  • No, Piers Morgan should be able to live in the U.S.

    Piers Morgan should be able to speak what is on his mind and not have to worry about deportation. He has a right to express his opinions. This is protected in the United State Constitution under the First Amendment. He needs to stand up for what he believes is the proper policy on issues.

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