Should pill bottles be implanted with GPS chips to combat prescription drug abuse?

  • Implanting prescription containers with GPS chips is an idea which hadn't occurred to me before.

    This would seem to be an ideal solution for those who have a drug problem. I'm not so certain that it would be well excepted by those who don't. Others taking control of our lives seems to be a much debated issue these days and this idea may very well play into the dislike of many. Possibly it would be best to leave this method for those who need to be controlled concerning drugs.

  • How would that help?

    Putting a GPS device in a pill bottle isn't going to do squat. Pour the pills out and walk to another room to OD or sell them. I'm not real sure how a GPS device could do anything other than track down your empty pill bottle...And who cares about their pill bottles?!

  • No, that is a major privacy issue

    This is one of those times where some people want to give up freedoms because a few people have decided to abuse the system. I have taken prescriptions, and there is no way I want some government agency to know when I have to take antibiotics. I can't even fathom the possible ways that this could be used against someone. Keep my health care private!

  • Are you nuts?

    GPS tracking of medicine is a huge invasion of privacy. Furthermore, prohibition (incarcerating users and dealers) of drugs has been shown to be ineffective in curbing drug abuse. The only way to deal with drugs is to treat it using medicine and therapy. Doing so produces much better results than prison time.

  • Absolutely not

    This may sound like a good idea for combating abuse of prescription drugs, but it would cause a massive controversy and it would also be able to be worked around anyway making it a massive waste of money. It would be an invasion of peoples rights, for one and many people would be unhappy with it even if they did not intend to abuse their prescriptions. It would also likely spark many more government conspiracy theories about the government taking total control and watching peoples every move. Plus, if GPS trackers were put in pill bottles people could simply dump the pills out.

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