• This is kind of stupid

    Yes, pro-choice and pro-abortion definitely come hand in hand. This is because if you're pro-choice then on some degree you are pro-abortion. I am pro choice and I am also pro abortion. However, I am not ignorant enough to believe that every person who is pro choice is also pro abortion. You can personally disagree with abortion and still be pro choice. This is because pro choice is the belief that every woman deserves to be treated as an individual and make her own decision about her own body, whether that be to get an abortion or not. Pro-choice isn't pro-abortion, it's pro-not being an arse hole and telling other people what to do.

  • Pro-choice equals pro-abortion.

    Being pro-choice is the same thing as being pro-abortion. There is no difference. If you are saying that someone has a choice to abort whether it is because of rape, incest, or inconvenience you are saying that abortion is okay. There are no shades of gray when it comes to abortion. It is either right or it is wrong.

  • Pro-choice and pro-abortion are synonymous.

    I think that pro-choice and pro-abortion basically mean the
    same thing. People who profess
    themselves to be pro-choice will say that it means that a woman should be able
    to make the decision whether or not to take a baby to term. But, I think the term pro-choice was created
    by people who were trying to be politically correct.

  • It is about the freedom to make your own decisions regarding your own body!

    It is more about allowing women to have control over their own bodies, without forcing beliefs or opinions onto anybody. Many women who are pro-choice wouldn't have an abortion even if they had an unplanned pregnancy because they personally believe it is immoral. However, they do think that any woman in that difficult situation should make her decision herself instead of the government making it for her by passing an unethical law that endangers her health and freedoms.

  • The clue is in the name

    People who support the pro choice movement do not necessarily think that everyone should have an abortion. On the contrary. Some of them think that abortion is morally wrong, but they think, rightly so, that it is better than a child growing up unwanted, or a woman giving up her entire life to look after a child she wasn't planning to have in the first place.

  • It's called Pro-choice for a reason.

    You can be Pro-choice and not morally agree with women being allowed to have an abortion regardless of the circumstances. While some may say that it's wrong to have the abortion outlet as a form of birth control, it's still the woman's choice. She may not want to have the child, or may even be afraid to give birth. In my opinion, it's a crime to even consider giving birth to an unwanted child, but that in itself is a completely different discussion. Pro-choice and feminism fall hand in hand, because, until any woman can have an abortion for her own reasons without fearing the questions of Pro-lifes, then she obviously doesn't have complete control of her own body, which is morally wrong to me, even more so than the fact that an unborn child isn't given life. When every living person has the rights to their own bodies, then we can start worrying about the unborn.

  • Maybe for some

    For me, being Pro-choice is not the same a being Pro-abortion. Yes, I believe a woman should have a right to control her own body. But, I do not condone abortion as a form of birth control. I believe a woman (in cases of consent) should take the proper precautions if they do not want a child. Of course people should take responsibility for their actions but it is still their choice. I do not consider myself Pro-Abortion because I wouldn't tell someone they should just get an abortion. Is it a safe option? Absolutely. Morally right? Depends. I don't condone abortion but I believe it is a better option than a child having to grow up unwanted.

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