Should private citizens be allowed to legally own guns?

  • Absolutely! Yes! Definitely!

    Governments throughout history have butchered entire populations who lacked the ability to defend themselves or fight back. Don't think it can't happen here. Most people who are against gun ownership are those who have had pretty comfortable lives and have never witnessed governmental tyranny. There still are enemies of freedom and liberty that would love nothing more than a helpless American public. They would no doubt to ram their agendas right down our throat and we would be powerless to stop it. If you look at history from around the world, say in the last 200 years, you will find many examples of 'democide'. Governments have killed more people than anyone. We have had peace and stability here in the states because the evil freedom haters know they can't screw with us.

    Finally, people like Michael Moore, Bloomberg, Pelosi, and Feinstein are all in favor of guns for themselves but not for us little people. Can you see where I'm going with this? The aforementioned people would love a helpless populace as it's the only way they can get us to accept their suicidal socialist, anti business, anti liberty policies.

  • Yes, people should be allowed to own guns.

    When the United States was first established, our forefathers decided that people needed to have the right to bear arms, and this is one of the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. While I don't personally care for this right, I can understand why people may want to own guns for personal protection or hunting, and I don't have the right to keep them from one of their most basic rights.

  • Private citizens should be allowed to legally own guns.

    Private citizens should be allowed to legally own guns. That was the agreement in the Constitution of the United States. I think that people have a right to own guns and be able to protect themselves and their families. If we take that away from them it would just cripple America.

  • Owning gun is a Constitutional right

    Yes, I truly believe that private citizens should be allowed to legally own guns. This may be because I own a few guns myself, but the right to bear arms is what makes this country a great one. If it was not legal to own guns, I can almost guarantee many law abiding citizens would not be considered law abiding for long.

  • Yes, it is self-defense.

    Yes, private citizens should be allowed to legally own guns, because the founders thought it was very important. If people were not allowed to own guns, our country never would have started, because people would not have been able to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. Guns are important for our freedom.

  • Yes they should.

    Private citizens should be allowed to legally own guns. It is our constitutional right to own guns, and all private citizens should be allowed to own guns if they are capable of doing so. If they have a criminal record or are mentally unstable, then they should not be able to own a gun.

  • Yes, guns should be allowed.

    Private citizens should be allowed to own guns, but I do not think the privilege of gun ownership should extend to everyone with the money to buy a weapon. Some people should not own guns: people with serious mental illness, people convicted of violent crimes, and minors. I do think there should also be limits on what kind of weapons a private citizen can own.

  • According to the laws of the nation

    Whatever your personal beliefs, the ways the laws are currently arranged allows citizens to own guns. It should be regulated properly but in a way that makes it easy for a law abiding citizen to acquire a gun. It puts power in the hands of the citizens and protects them from dictatorship and empowers the nation as a whole.

  • I think private citizens have to be allowed to own guns, but it doesn't mean everyone should.

    I don't own a gun. I'm not a very big fan of guns and don't want them around me. I don't think people should be so quick to use them, but I think it is very important that we as citizens have them. What if there was a tyrannical government and we had no guns to protect ourselves?

  • Yes, guns are very important.

    There are few occurrences less fortunate than one in which the criminal underclass has a monopoly on violence. Therefore, preventative measures, such as allowing upstanding citizens to keep and use guns, must be taken. Otherwise, the lawful will obey the laws while the unlawful get to do almost whatever they want.

  • Too Risky For People

    No because some people can't be trusted and there are just too many things that could go wrong because of owning a gun. For example, someone gets into a heated argument/fight and gets so upset and angry that they get their handgun or rifle and shoots the person they were arguing with. I know that is an extreme example, but in the world today anything is possible.

  • No I don't think so

    I believe arming citizens could lead to a calamity . From surveys it shows that most of the crime done due to guns so if the availability of guns are not allowed the crime rate would drop . And also many people are discomforted keeping a gun at home or knowing that their neighbour has one . And THE reason for owning a gun is for protection but is it the only means of protection in the world ? NO !

  • A few logical solutions:

    Ok, so the most commonly used argument for Con-Gun-Control is that criminals will take advantage of it. First off, where the hell do you think they get all those guns? Almost every gun a criminal gets will have been purchased legally by someone and then sold to the criminal or crime organization. It would be very difficult to steal a gun from a store, military base, or warehouse without being shot to bits. Stopping the production of guns, or even better, having to have your gun inspected every 6 months or face jail time would stop this gun trade business. Another commonly used argument would be that the constitution allows for gun use and all that second amendment crap. We have to face the truth, the second amendment is outdated. Back in those days they had muskets, not fully automatic rifles. Because this amendment is so outdated, we are laughably up in the mix with third world and Central American countries as far as gun death rate. Yes, there are third world African countries with a lower murder rate than us and the next established country down is far below us. We are the only established country where the people in it are so stupid that this is even a problem. And one thing most people forget is that you have the right to your gun, but not the ammunition. There is no amendment saying that you have the right to fire or own bullets and the government can very easily take that away from you, making your guns unusable without violating the constitution so if you thought your guns were safe, think again, and because this is such a topic in the political world it is a very real possibility. You don't always have to solve guns with more guns.

  • No guns aloud

    When you own guns you can be very dangerous. If you are bullied you can be more likely to kill yourself or worse go on a killing spree. If there is an army and a police force there is no need to own a gun just don't get into to trouble.

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