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  • No the issue is more due to the owners that raise them/ how they treat them

    My belief is with pit bulls or anything mixed with a pit bull definitely needs some form of training in a safe, Kind, Loving patient way while they are puppies/1 yr or under because of their personality.

    Unfortunately for pit bulls and many that have a mix of pit bull in them are usually abused in some way (physically, Neglect, Or other form of abuse), Used as fight/attack dogs, Never have been trained, Or left outside all day, Or live in situations with multiple pit bulls/pit bull mixes in the home.

    Certain dogs require more patience and time and need to be trained (in a patient, Kind, Way- NOT physical) and that's how it is for pit bulls. Pit bull or mixes should not be outlawed but instead make sure the owner is actually qualified to take care of a pit bull appropriately.

    Another rule? If the kid isn't yours don't let them around or near your dogs- or people with certain special needs if they jump around, Make sudden movements, Are loud, Etc. In reality- strangers and any kid that isn't yours should NOT be around your dog.

  • No, They are the same as other dogs, It's the Humans that are mistreating them

    I suggest for those people who hate them watch the show Pitbull and Parolees and I'm sure it would change your mind. There "aggressiveness" comes from their handlers, Usually forced for dog fighting or mistreated in order for it to intimidate others. With proper training from a young age and this goes for all those dogs used as guard dogs they are great family pets.

  • Pit bull dogs are cute, Loving animals.

    Sometimes, People will get pit bull dogs so they can attack people without everyone thinking it is that person. They blame it on the pit bull being vicious. Which is partly true, It´s in their blood. But, I believe the owners could tame them, So I choose the pit bull dog´s side.

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