• They r too strong

    Pit bulls are too strong and can't be controlled they will overtake us very easily even their babies are stronger than our babies its common sense we cant win maybe if we evolve but thats a very slim chance so until then they should be banded maybe all dogs should be banded

  • They are dangerous

    They are equal to the dog version as and AR-15. When I see someone open carrying their pitbull in public, it makes me sick. People don't know what that dog is going to do to people and all pitbulls should be taken away from everyone. The only good pitbull is the rapper.

  • A dog isn't born bad.

    No pit bulls shouldn't be banned. No dog is born bad. (Excluding the mental ones but there is a mental one in every batch so it doesn't count.) The poor dogs are whipped and hit, so they learn to fight back to defend themselves. People used to put two pit bulls in a pit and make them fight each other for money and entertainment which is super cruel. Pit bulls can be super friendly if you train them and treat them right.

  • They're no different than any other breed.

    Pit bulls, Besides their overall appearance and physical attributes, are no different than any other breed of dog. Banning Pit bulls simply doesn't make any sense. For I'm a firm believer that pets take on many of their owners traits & habits.

    Just take a popular stereotype for the dog breed, Rottweilers! Especially in the entertainment industry, Rotti dogs have been portrayed as aggressive dogs owned by dangerous people or the villain. However, me being an owner of one of these amazing dogs, can say that this is NOT true! My dog has not once caused any chaos to anyone! However, she is the victim of many people's false accusations. And I'm sure that Pit bulls can be the same when they have a responsible owner!

    Banning Pit bulls & Pit Bulls only is discriminating them from other breeds simply because of their appearance and false stereotypes! Sounds oddly familiar, doesn't IT!?

  • No different than any other dog, banning them is practically discrimination towards them!

    Pit bulls are just like any other dog. Depending on their owners, they can be sweet protective creatures that stand by your side or vicious and "trained to kill". Take the stereotype on Rottwheilers for example. Especially in the entertainment industry, they are portrayed as mean dogs owned only by dangerous people. I however, being a proud owner of this breed, have seen that this is clearly not the case. My dog has never attacked a single soul and loves kids! She sleeps on the bed with me every night and it's comforting. . . Pit bulls are NO different and should NOT be banned!! Its discriminating a single group of certain community based simply looks and stereotypes! Sound familiar!?

  • Ban chihuahuas instead

    It's all about how the dog is raised. For generations bull dogs were used to protect kids and slept with children as a guard. You want to ban a violent dog? Ban chihuahuas..They bite more kids and people than any other dog,often times unprovoked. Ban those little inbred abominations of nature.

  • Pit bulls are sweet.

    They are trained to do what they do. They are forced to do what they don’t want. It is so sad to see these sweet animals just being trained then killed. They do not deserve this. All of those animals are innocent but they are treated horribly. Please help them.

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