• Pit bulls are too dangerous to be family pets. Get one of the other 400 breeds that are not killing children,

    Pit bulls were selectively bred for hundreds of year to be fighting dogs. They are the most capable fighting dog on the planet, and that is why they are inherently dangerous. They have genetic capabilities that make them unpredictable, aggressive, and dangerous. People who are emotionally attached to their pits deny their danger. Many family's have paid a dear price for this. A pit bull severely injures 2 people in the USA every 12 hours. Pit bulls have killed 319 people in the USA since 1990. Pit bulls killed 96 people in the USA since 2012. Pit bulls killed over 4,000 animals in the USA last year. These animals are too dangerous and we can not continue to stand by and watch them maul, disfigure, and kill our children. Other breeds make fine pets with all the same traits as a pit bull, minus the savage killing ability.

  • There ugly vicious and killed my child

    My child died two years ago to a pit bull we adopted. I came home from work just to see my pit bull feasting on my child. With blood everywhere I was horrified. My wife came after i called the cops and the pound to take control of the vicious beast.

  • Pitting dog against the reality

    As a responsible dog owner have seen too often the sight of pit bulls stuck in yards by people who want to make a statement but have neither the inclination or the ability to control,train or much less enjoy their dog as a companion . As a result the increasing amount of pit bulls left to rot in backyards creating the dangerous potential of them breaking out of the yard at some point and attacking a passerby . Having had to deal with this numerous times with various breeds while walking dogs ,the pit bull culture has created a blindness of the dangers of a gladiatorial breed and this subsequently has negatively effected dog ownership on many levels ( try renting with a breed that is on the insurance risk lists ,yet people will lie about what breed they have and often these same people "cut corners" on training and care after the dog causes damage the next dog owning tenant suffers because of the irresponsible one before them ....) No,its not the breed ,its the culture and irresponsibility .....And yes ,it is the breed as it was formed to latch on and not let go .

  • Guns don't jump out of holsters on their own and kill or maul!

    I've been attacked by a pit that the owner said was safe and sweet. I own a gun and it won't kill or hurt anyone if it is left by itself. Pits and mixed pit breeds are the most dangerous dogs by far. Rotties are a far second place. Research shows Pitbulls and pit breeds are clearly a danger to the public. 62 year old man horribly attacked by 2 pits just the other day, ironically he also owns a pit. 8 bystanders couldn't stop the attacking pits with chains, water hoses and their bare hands. The dogs were seen lapping his blood off the street and continuing the attack. When and how often do you hear about other breeds? The statistics are staggering! Wake up, grow up and think about the common good, not just how great your pit is. They are lethal, dangerous and the pit owners always claim theirs is safe and great. There is enough violence in the world, we don't need more.

  • I understand that you love your Pit Bull. But; please proceed with caution and read the actual facts.

    Please read DogBite.Org
    10-Year Dog Bite Fatality Chart 2005-2014-326 Americans suffered death due to dog bites.62.3% were Pit Bull bits. Most of these deaths were children.

    Facts from Wiki link above-The US Army and the Marine Corps have some outright bans or conditions on ownership. The US (most military bases, at least 16 states have bans or restrictions.

    Bans around the world-

    Australia (Importation Restricted-most of the country-restricted), Canada-(two provinces-banned), other provinces have restrictions, Brazil (Banned for importation, breeding), Bermuda (Banned), Denmark (Banned), Ecuador (Banned), France (Restricted), Germany (Restricted), Ireland (short leash and muzzled), Malaysia (Banned-Restricted), Malta (Restricted),New Zealand (Restricted), Norway (Banned), Poland (Restricted), Portugal (Restricted-muzzled, criminal record reviewed before ownership,etc), Puerto Rico (Banned), Romania (Restricted), Singapore (Restricted), Spain (Restricted), Turkey (Restricted), Ukraine (Restricted), United Kingdom (Banned, Restricted), Venezuela (Banned),etc. Do you really feel that all of these countries that made their decisions based on facts are wrong?

    Yes, I think that killing them off is WRONG however; I feel that they should be short leased and muzzled in public areas and breeding should be restricted. I also feel that someone with a dangerous criminal record should not be allowed to have an aggressive breed dog. Sure you can train a dog to possibly be nice but; should it not simply be the nature of the dog?

    Yes, facts prove that Dachshunds, Chihuahuas and Jack Russell's are more likely to bite but; they are not as likely to kill you, children or other pets. Please educate yourself before you form an opinion, I clearly did.

  • Pit Bulls are not more dangerous than other dogs.

    Pit Bulls are not more or less dangerous than other breeds of dogs. American Temperament Test Society has found that American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers (two breeds which are frequently cited in breed specific legislation) have better temperaments than many other common breeds like Chihuahuas, Border Collies, Pugs, even Pomeranians and Toy poodles (“ATTS Breed Statistics | American Temperament Test Society, Inc.,” n.D.).

    There is a great deal of legitimate scientific data out there that shows that breed specific discrimination and legislation is inaccurate and misleading. Studies routinely find that no one dog breed is responsible for a majority of bite incidences, and that generally, the breed of dog that is most prevalent in an area is most likely to be involved in more dog bite occurrences (Overall, 2010). In fact, a study of dog bite fatalities actually showed that most fatalities are caused by completely preventable factors like an owner not having control over a dog, a dog not being appropriately socialized, and people without the capacity to appropriately interact with dogs (like children or immobilized individuals) doing so anyways (Patronek, Sacks, Delise, Cleary, & Marder, 2013).

    It has also been shown that people are unable to properly identify dog breeds and many dogs involved in bite incidents are incorrectly labeled as pit bull type dogs attracting more attention along with more distrust of these breeds (Ledger, Orihel, Clarke, Murphy, & Sedlbauer, 2005). Adding insult to injury, these mistakes often go uncorrected in popular media.

    All this information considered together helps to show that all dogs can be dangerous, not just bully breeds. Pet owners are ultimately responsible for the actions of their pets and while some dogs may be seen as more dangerous than others, it has nothing to do with biology, and everything to do with image.


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  • Pit bulls are nice creatures

    Pit bulls are meant to be owned as pets and guard dogs if they are guard dogs then they are trained like that if not then trained as pets or both it is all in the training to make the dogs behave in a way, so it is all in the training that makes the dogs act like this

  • No no no no no

    That is a terrible idea. You shouldn't make anything illegal just because it did something bad in that sense (by in that sense I mean dogfighting, it's not the Pit Bull's fault it was bred to fight and it's not like they WANTED to fight,they were forced to and it's unfair to judge them from that) you are 60 times more likely to be killed by a COCONUT then a Pit Bull. Also,that's not true that "Any dog can bite but Pit Bulls kill" any dog can bite and any dog can kill,a little Pomeranian killed a child once! So I'm completely against making them illegal,anyone who thinks they should be is a terrible "human being" I have always owned Pittys,I currently have 2 and they get along perfectly with my 4 children.

  • Great with kids

    Pit Bulls are very loving and great around kids. It all depends on how they were raised. The best dog I ever had..He loves everyone..He will lick you to death lol. The news on reports on dogs that are mean and chained etc. If you want a dog that kids love this is the one. Start with a pup.

  • NO They SHOULD BE LEGAL!!!! THey are kind and loving!!!!!!!!

    I had pittbull named Rocky and he was so tolerant to me when i would climb on him as a baby. He would push me off and licked my face. He protected us by barking at adults he did not know..... He loved kids. Pittbulls are not vicious they are sweet caring dogs. Its not their fault if their abused!Its not their fault that their owners dont train them well. Its not their fault at alll! So no if you think they should you are incorrect.

  • It is cruel to breed pitbulls

    Dogs love attention and told hoe cute they are. People run the opposite direction when encountering a pitbulls. Dogs are sociable and are there to help humans be sociable. Few will socialize with you if you have a pit. You might as well go get a lion . They are sweet too until they grow up. I think it is in humane to breed an animal that is hated by most. It is I humane to breed a dog that is bred to kill dogs. If I was a pitbulls president I would ask that you stop breeding me because I don't want to kill. I just can't help myself.

  • My Daughter Loves Her Pit.

    I believe Pit Bulls shouldn't be illegal. Pit Bulls nickname is wiggle butt because the way they greet their owners enthusiastically. My daughters dog Pipsqueak is our professional snugger. These dogs love people even stranger. They are loyal and full of joy. In the 20's people called them nanny dogs. Why now people want to make them illegal? Why blamed the dogs if its the way they are raised.

  • No they shouldn't!

    Pit bulls are one of the best dog breeds in the world. There amazing for everything. I had a pit bull when i was a child and we grew up together. He was one of the sweetest dogs I've ever had. He was never aggressive towards anyone. He was protecter not a killer. A lover not a fighter.

    Posted by: niaa
  • I love my pit bull!

    I have a two year old pit bull and a 3 year old jack Russell and the jack Russell is a lot more aggressive than my pit. My pit, Doug, is calm, affectionate and friendly. The media portrays them to be far more dangerous than they are, when in fact, there are more dog bights from smaller dog breeds than there are from pit bulls, but whose going to make an article about that, "killer Chihuahua on the lose!", doesn't sound like a good story to me. 1 in 33 dog related deaths are from pit bull, so if you ask me, if they are going to take action against pit bulls, action needs to be taken against these other dogs too. Pit bulls are in the same category as the 'Terriers', meaning 'territorial', a lot of their attacks are related to their owners because they are very loyal, if they think their owners are in any danger, they will become territorial, but these attacks can easily be controlled by the proper training.

  • Iits not always them!

    I think pit bulls should NOT be banned. Although they do have a high chance of lashing out, it is mostly to do with their owners! If a dog (of any breed) has a bad owner who doesnt treat it well then they are going to be such a friendly dog.

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