Should Pit bulls have restrictions on where they are allowed?

Asked by: VictoriaB
  • I say yes because

    They are the most agressive dog breed. My music teacher told me his son was standing on top of a bar when one was attacking him. Pit bulls also have a strong bite force ratio. They are also like tigers. They respond to violence with more violence. So you can't scare them away. This is why pit bulls shouldnt be allowed in places like playgrounds and parks. Unless the pit bull is a service animal and trained not to bite, They shouldnt be allowed in certain places

  • Granted, They can be dominant, But they're not always aggressive.

    I have three pit bulls. Well, Two pit bulls and one boxer-pit bull mix. All are males. The boxer/pit bull, Can be very dominant and growl at other dogs/cats if someone is petting him and the other dog/cat gets close. But overall, Hes very sweet and loving, Even though he is protective over his owners. The other pit bull is very cuddly and snuggles with my mom on the couch, He's very gentle, But if he sees one of our cats outside, He'll chase it. He won't chase them inside, Only outside. But our other pit bull, A "tank" pit bull, As some people call them, Is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. I don't remember a time he's every growled at any person, Dog, Cat, Anything. So what I'm saying is that most of the time, Yes, They are dominant, And protective over their owners, But only a few are aggressive, And that's usually because they have bad owners.

  • Pitbulls should be allowed anywhere other dog breeds are allowed.

    I think Pitbulls should be allowed everywhere because any dog can be aggressive. If a pitbull is aggressive is because that is a taught behavior from a bad owner. The media takes a bad situation that happened with an aggressive pitbull and everyone thinks its the dogs fault and the dogs breed fault but in all reality it was the owner. They used to be known as the nanny dog in the 1900's. Huskies, German Shepard, And Dobermans all have a higher bite force.

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